Joseph P. Bailey

Joseph P. Bailey's research and teaching interests span issues in telecommunications, economics, and public policy with an emphasis on the economics of the Internet. This area includes an identification of the existing public policies, technologies, and market opportunities that promote the benefits of interoperability. Bailey is currently studying issues related to the economics of electronic commerce and how the Internet changes competition and supply chain management.

Will You Friend Facebook's Cryptocurrency?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Who will “friend” the new Facebook cryptocurrency? Maryland Smith experts weighed in, after the social media giant’s announcement that it would launch a new blockchain-based payment service, called Libra.

They questioned the timing of the decision, forecast how Facebook might change the cryptocurrency marketplace with the strength of its 2.4 billion monthly active users worldwide, and explored what the move means for traditional banks.

The Future of Cash

SMITH BRAIN TRUST  How much physical cash do you have on you right now?

It’s likely substantially less than you might have carried just a few years ago. And it’s likely that the greenbacks you have on you right now will remain with you awhile longer than they would have just a few years ago.


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