Jeanette Snider

Maryland Smith Launches Anti-Racist Reading Series

In the wake of national protests over police brutality and racial injustice, many have sought to further educate themselves on issues affecting the BIPOC community. Maryland Smith is doing its part in this process with hopes of making the world a more equitable place – one page at a time. Launched this year, the Smith Summer Reading and Dialogue Series is an anti-racist reading club that features poetry and literature written by Black and anti-racist poets and authors. Its intent is to dedicate necessary time and space to engage deeply in these important topics, says Maryland Smith’s Jeanette Snider, M. Ed ’11, PhD ’20.

Learn about Smith’s Diversity Empowerment Council

You open a college brochure and what do you see? That’s right, a student of color, a Hispanic student, an Asian student, and a white student holding books, relaxing on a grassy patch, or laughing together in front of a prominent campus building. Why is this such an effective first impression for applicants and parents? Why is the ideal of diversity so cherished at universities worldwide? Perhaps because the student mix is so important for a well-rounded college experience. Or perhaps it’s a reliable way of ensuring a globalized community that will enrich each student’s perspective. Or maybe, even, it is conducive to an open and unbiased learning environment. All of these are acceptable, but one thing we know for sure is that diversity is integral – integral for the students, for the administration, and for the school brand.

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