Henry Lucas

Henry Lucas

Professor Henry Lucas' research interests include information technology-enabled transformations of organizations, markets, industries and our daily lives. He has conducted research on the impact of information technology on organizations, IT in organization design, electronic commerce, and the value of information technology. Lucas co-produced and co-wrote The Transformation Age: Surviving a Technology Revolution with Robert X. Cringely, a documentary co-developed by Maryland Public Television and the Smith School shown on public television stations around the U.S. He has authored a dozen books as well as monographs and more than 70 articles in professional periodicals on the impact of technology, information technology in organization design, the return on investments in technology, implementation of information technology, expert systems, decision-making for technology, and information technology and corporate strategy.

Eight Hard Lessons from Disruption

Failure doesn’t hurt so much when it happens to someone else. Bystanders can watch and learn from a distance as new technology flattens slow-moving companies and industries. Despite fresh claims to the contrary, the disruptive innovation model — laid out by Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen in the 1990s — remains a relevant tool for scoring the action at home. Smith School professor Henry C. Lucas, Jr. describes eight disruption pitfalls that leaders should guard against. Read more...


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