Gary Cohen

Why the Bombardier Tariff May Not Be a Win for Anyone

At first blush, the U.S. Commerce Department's decision this week to slap a steep, 220 percent tariff on Bombardier Inc's C-Series jets probably looks like a win for the U.S. and its aerospace giant, Boeing Co. But tariffs don't really work like that, with a clear ledger of W's and L's, says the Smith School's Gary Cohen. "You have to look at the whole ecosystem," says Cohen. Read more...

Podcast: Talent Development at Hilton

Kimon KipponKimo Kippon earned generous tips as a waiter in Hawaii, so he actually took a step down in pay when he moved into management. "It was a desire to be part of something bigger and to really help people," Kippon says in episode 3 of Beyond Business, a podcast series hosted by Smith School professor Gary Cohen. The move paid off for Kippon, a Hawaii native who now leads global talent development and workflow initiatives as a senior leader at Hilton Worldwide. He shares five keys that have guided his career. Read more...

Marriott Joins a Chinese Disruptor

AlibabaOnline broker Airbnb poses a threat to traditional hotels. But Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson worried more about Google, Amazon and Apple when he visited the Smith School in 2016. He said the real disruption will occur in the hospitality industry when these Internet gatekeepers decide to use their “nearly monopolistic power” to extract tolls from companies that depend on the Internet to connect with customers. Marriott’s vulnerability might help explain its joint venture announced Aug. 7, 2017, with Alibaba Group, which combines the power of Google, Facebook and Amazon in China. Read more...

Podcast: Supply Chain Leadership at Mattel

Children don't care about supply chain challenges when they want a new toy, which is fine with Peter Gibbons. As executive vice president and chief global supply chain officer at Mattel, he works to stay hidden — so all retail customers see is the right product at the right price on store shelves. "It's not an easy profession, but it's exciting because you're the machine behind the scenes," he says in episode 3 of Beyond Business, a podcast series hosted by Smith School professor Gary Cohen. Gibbons shares five keys that have guided his career. Read more...

Podcast: Global Mindset at Under Armour

Under Armour Erick HaskellU.S. expatriate Erick Haskell spoke no Mandarin when he moved to China in 2005, and none of his employees spoke English. He knew little about the country and had no experience in sports apparel or footwear. Yet within 10 years he was running Greater China operations for Under Armour, the fastest-growing brand in the region. Haskell describes his journey in episode 2 of "Beyond Business," a podcast series hosted by professor Gary Cohen at the Smith School. Read more...

Can the TPP Be Salvaged Without the U.S.?

President Trump signed an executive order this week to formally walk away from the Trans Pacific Partnership, in what looked like the final chapter for the 12-nation trade deal. Without the U.S., it seemed, the deal would collapse. But leaders of some of the 11 remaining nations now say they hope to carry on with the deal. Smith School professor Anil K. Gupta says the big question is whether the pact's smaller nations will stick with it once access to the important U.S. market is no longer part of the bargain. Read more...

Foxbots, Tax Breaks and Other Realities at China's 'iPhone City'

A recent New York Times investigation exposes the “hidden bounty of perks, tax breaks and subsidies” that benefit the world’s largest iPhone factory in China, a country where Smith School professor Gary Cohen has followed business trends for years. He says U.S. policymakers need to understand what they’re up against when they talk about reshoring manufacturing jobs. “President-elect Trump has been vowing to level the playing field, and Apple has been one of the companies he has mentioned,” Cohen says. Read more...


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