Emerging CFOs

Finance Majors Participate in Emerging CFOs Case Competition

Facing real-world corporate challenges, working on a team to find solutions and presenting the findings within a few days to knowledgeable and invested professionals is a tough way to earn a grade – and some money. But that is exactly what more than two dozen undergraduate finance majors did on April 6, 2018, when they participated in the Emerging CFOs Case Competition. Similar annual events are a big part of what provides the one-year Emerging CFOs Fellows Program with an experiential edge and connects students to experts in the field.

Spotlight on Emerging CFOs Fellows Program

For Senior Finance and Accounting double major student Jessica Martins, the Emerging CFOs program has been transformational. “The classes feel more personal and the professors have such a strong connection to the program, she said. She further stated that it was hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the program so special, but added the main reason was “this desire to help their students grow and excel in their professional futures.”

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