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Dingman Center Expands Mentor Network to Include Attorneys as Legal Advisors

The Dingman Center has added to its roster of mentors and advisors by bringing on six attorneys to serve as Dingman Legal Advisors. Beginning Friday, February 6, Dingman Legal Advisors will be available on alternating Fridays to provide free legal advice to student entrepreneurs. These 30-minute appointment-only sessions will allow students to have valuable conversations regarding the legal aspects of their startup.

UMD Alumni Entrepreneurs Get a “Jumpstart” from Dingman Center

Would you (or someone you know) buy customizable fashion jewelry? It’s a question entrepreneur Seble Alemayehu, MBA ’12, hopes to figure out by the end of her eight weeks participating in a new program at the University of Maryland. She and 16 other UMD alumni hoping to launch startups this year are getting the help they need to get their venture off the ground with the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship’s Jumpstart program.

Dingman Center Offers Lean Startup Program for Alumni

Statistics show that most startups fail – but not because they lack good ideas, products or technology. Most startups fail because they lack enough of the right customers and a clear plan of action. Enter Dingman Jumpstart, a proprietary program designed by the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship that helps University of Maryland alumni increase their odds of building successful businesses by learning how to reduce “customer risk” and develop clear action plans.


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