Christine Beckman

Why It Makes Sense that the New 'Doctor Who' Is a Woman

BBCThe BBC's "Doctor Who" series has long embraced the idea of change. It's been written into the script for years, with the timelord protagonist's biological ability for regeneration and new incarnations. Now the series is preparing for what is perhaps its most striking transformation. For the first time in the British sci-fi series' 54-year history, the Doctor will be portrayed by a woman. Experts at the Smith School share their views on the series and its 13th time-traveling alien. Read more...

C-BERC Board Members Featured in Women Leading Research

Two board members at the University of Maryland’s Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation and Crime (C-BERC) were profiled in the Women Leading Research initiative at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. Congratulations to Christine Beckman for her work on risks and rewards for multidisciplinary work and Leigh Anenson for her work on ways to save government pensions. 

Fearless Idea 5: Break Out of Silos

Researchers can discover creative solutions to complex problems when they combine know-how from different disciplines, but they should understand the potential penalties involved. A new study from Smith School professor Christine Beckman shows risks and rewards for multidisciplinary research. The process can be mentally taxing and mastery can be slower. Logistical hurdles also create challenges. Read more...

Facebook’s ‘Benevolent Dictator’

In a move that Inc. calls a “Wall Street magic trick,” Facebook’s annual shareholders meeting on Monday yielded passage of a measure to issue 5.7 million shares of a nonvoting C Class stock. Subsequently, co-founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg — and the company’s other B Class shareholders can sell off portions of their fortune without diluting their influence over the company. Smith School professor Christine Beckman explains why this might not be a bad thing. Read more...

Invest in the Long Term – Social Enterprise Symposium Highlights

“The Social Enterprise Symposium has become the University of Maryland’s premiere event on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, and we are dedicated to exploring the connection between economic prosperity and lasting social and environmental change,” said Christine Beckman, director of the Center for Social Value Creation at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, as she welcomed attendees to the Eighth Annual Social Enterprise Symposium (SES). The event was held at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union in College Park, Md., on March 4, 2016.

At Etsy, Will Corporate Conscience and Profits Clash?

Etsy continues to test the compatibility of a commitment to social responsibility with the demands of Wall Street. Last week, the online shopping site for vintage and handmade goods became the first publicly traded company to be recertified as a "B Corporation" — a designation attesting that a company helps disadvantaged citizens, treats employees well, and is environmentally responsible. But does this put it on a collision course with investors who want to maximize returns and dividends? Read more...

Debating Workplace Culture, at Amazon and Elsewhere

Can you have a high-powered job and also a rewarding life outside work? Do ambitious companies have any incentive to make this happen? And are market forces sufficient to make sure that workers with families or sick relatives are treated fairly by managers? These were among the questions raised during a recent lunchtime debate featuring Smith School professors Rajshree Agarwal, Christine Beckman and Waverly Ding. Read more...


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