Brent Goldfarb

Brent Goldfarb

Dr. Brent Goldfarb is Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the M&O Department at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. Goldfarb's research focuses on how the production and exchange of technology differs from more traditional economic goods, with a focus on the implications on the role of startups in the economy. He focuses on such questions as how do markets and employer policies affect incentives to discover new commercially valuable technologies and when is it best to commercialize them through new technology-based firms? Why do radical technologies appear to be the domain of startups? And how big was the boom? Copies of Dr. Goldfarb's publications and working papers have been downloaded over 1200 times.

Smith Entrepreneurship Research Conference Uncovers Whether Accelerators Really Accelerate

In late April, the Robert H. Smith School of Business hosted the Smith Entrepreneurship Research Conference (SERC), an annual conference designed to highlight important entrepreneurship-focused research papers. The invitation-only conference, which is attended by prominent researchers and rising stars, helps researchers determine best practices in linking researchers’ findings to practitioners’ goals. SERC discussions are focused on relevant social, economic and organizational issues in the entrepreneurship field.

GM Bets on Lyft

American car companies sold more vehicles in 2015 than ever before, with sales boosted by low gas prices and a recovering economy — a remarkable turnaround from the recession years. But at the same time, GM is placing a bet on the industry's next phase: It has announced an investment of $500 million in Lyft, the No. 2 car-hailing service (after Uber). This is the first time a car company has directly invested in either Lyft or Uber, both of which foresee moving away from matching private drivers with riders to letting people summon driverless cars with an app. Read more ...

In a Driverless Future, Which Companies Will Thrive (or Die)?

In Tokyo this week, Toyota put journalists in a modified Lexus GS equipped with self-driving technology. On its own, the car entered a highway, drove for a bit and navigated an off-ramp. Toyota was signaling that it wasn't ceding the field to Google, Uber, Apple or any of the other American tech companies that have made it a goal to dominate the next automotive era. Smith School professors David A. Kirsch and Brent Goldfarb offer some thoughts on how the industry will be disrupted. Read more...

The Myth of 'Disruptive Innovation'

Is the influential theory of "disruptive innovation" bunk? Or to put it in a less specific and blunt way: Are businesses — and business professors — too quick to accept as fact theories that aren't supported by rigorous data? Both propositions are true, says Smith School professor Brent Goldfarb, who made that provocative case in a major presentation at the Academy of Management conference last month in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more...

Podcast: Are Uber Drivers Employees or Contractors?

A decision by the California Labor Commission has opened the debate on whether Uber drivers should be considered employees or independent contractors. Knowledge@Wharton on SiriusXM Business Radio (Channel 111) recently hosted a conversation between Smith School professor Brent Goldfarb and labor attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan. Following is an excerpt from the conversation, hosted by Dan Loney. Read more...

Uber Hits a Legal Snag in California: What's Next?

The California Labor Commission sided this month with an Uber driver who argued that she should be classified as an employee of the company, not an independent contractor. The decision means the woman is entitled to reimbursement of expenses she incurred driving for Uber for three months last year, some $4,152. In a recent conversation for Knowledge@Wharton, Smith School professor Brent Goldfarb discusses the case and its implications with a lawyer representing Uber drivers in a class-action suit. Read more...


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