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Dr. Brent Goldfarb is Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the M&O Department at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. Goldfarb's research focuses on how the production and exchange of technology differs from more traditional economic goods, with a focus on the implications on the role of startups in the economy. He focuses on such questions as how do markets and employer policies affect incentives to discover new commercially valuable technologies and when is it best to commercialize them through new technology-based firms? Why do radical technologies appear to be the domain of startups? And how big was the boom? Copies of Dr. Goldfarb's publications and working papers have been downloaded over 1200 times.

Early Auto Racing And Firm Survival

The automobile circa 1895 was perceived as a new, dangerous invention and a plaything of the rich. So the earliest auto races were essentially reliability trials, which morphed into mass-marketing opportunities for competing automakers. As Henry Ford recounted in 1922: “That ‘Model B’ — the first four‐cylinder car for general road use — had to be advertised. Winning a race or making a record was then the best kind of advertising.”

Fantasy Merger League: 2018 Edition

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — When influential analyst and Loup Venture co-founder Gene Munster made predictions for 2018, there was one that really had people chatting. It was a prediction that online retail juggernaut might cut a deal to buy the struggling Target. It was a mergers-and-acquisition idea that seemed to align with some of the things that has been doing – establishing a brick-and-mortar presence and competing head-to-head with Walmart.

Can Blockchain Save Kodak?

Move Baffles Strategy Professor Brent Goldfarb

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Can KodakCoin save the struggling Eastman Kodak?

The brand that once dominated the world of photographic film this week announced the launch of KodakCoin, calling it “a photocentric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.”

To-Do List for Uber's Potential New 'Grownup'

Departing General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt is a household name to investors on Wall Street, while Uber, scandal-ridden and operating at loss, reportedly is positioning for an initial public offering. This week's news that Immelt is Uber's new-CEO frontrunner caught some observers off-guard. But others, including Smith School professors Brent Goldfarb and David Kass, see the rationale. Goldfarb also detailed a laundry list of Uber fixes for Immelt — if he does take the helm. Read more...

Volvo and the Hybrid, Electric Future

For Volvo, the decision to introduce only hybrid or all-electric vehicles starting in 2019 is about going green. But it's also about making green; changing the story that Volvo has been selling to investors. It's about stealing some limelight from Tesla, and potentially about positioning the Sweden-based automaker for a possible initial public offering, says the Smith School's David A. Kirsch. It's about branding Volvo as a car company of the future. Read more...


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