Fall 2010 Series


Washington, D.C.

Ronald Reagan Building
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September 24

Avoiding the Winner's Curse

Hank Lucas

Hank Lucas, Smith Professor of Information Systems

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Competition is the name of the game and most businesses are focused on winning. But some victories can actually sink your organization. Lucas presents some of the most egregious examples of the Winner’s Curse and explains when—and why—you might be better off losing.


October 15

Shared Leadership in Teams

Paul Tesluk

Paul Tesluk, Tyser Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources and co-director of the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change

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How do you build teams that are highly adaptive and best draw upon the knowledge, skills and abilities of team members in ways that achieve superior performance? Recent research turns traditional notions of leadership on its head. Tesluk shows how your organization can gain competitive advantage by cultivating shared leadership in your teams.


December 17

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Larry Gordon

Larry Gordon, Ernst & Young Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting

Gain a framework for viewing the economic issues related to managing cybersecurity risk. Gordon discusses the role of economic analysis in helping your organization answer key questions: How much should your company be investing in cybersecurity? What kinds of cybersecurity breaches are trivial, and which ones have the potential to threaten the survival of your company?


Baltimore, Md.

UM BioPark
University of Maryland-Baltimore
Smith School Suite
801 W. Baltimore Street

October 8

Leadership and Creativity

Kathryn M. Bartol

Kathryn M. Bartol, Robert H. Smith Professor of Management and Organization

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The first stage of innovation is developing creative ideas. When and how does a leader’s input have the most effect, and when should you give employees the freedom to experiment? Bartol outlines concrete steps leaders can take to encourage creativity in the workplace.


November 19

The New Science of X-Treme Supply Chain Management

Sandy Boyson

Sandy Boyson, Research Professor

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Today’s supply chains are complex, dynamic and unpredictable, and managers need to know how to better manage risk. Boyson and Thomas Corsi, Michelle E. Smith Professor of Logistics, are co-directors of the Center for Supply Chain Management and authors of a new book. They will discuss the strategies, practices and technologies being used by executives to overcome the extreme volatility in global supply chains using examples from their book.


December 10

Optimizing Service Productivity

Roland Rust

Roland Rust and David Bruce,

Smith Chair in Marketing and Distinguished University Professor

Companies at times pursue service productivity at the expense of service quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and future sales. How do you find the right balance for your organization? Discover the managerial implications of Rust’s research into the factors that affect the optimal level of service productivity.

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