Session 1

Social Media in Service

Moderator: Janet Wagner - Center for Excellence in Service


Best Practices in Using Social Media to Create Value for Customers
This panel will focus on best practices in how service firms use the social media to create value for their customers.  Marketing managers from four Washington-area service companies will discuss the challenges and rewards of using social media to provide customer support and build customer relationships. Panelists will address what social media platforms work best for their companies and the metrics they use to measure their effectiveness. They will also discuss how their companies monitor and manage customer feedback, how the social media fit into their overall marketing communication programs, and what they see as the future of social media.


  • Alphonse MacDonald
  • Lucia Stoller
  • Jason Siegel
  • Jonathan Rick

SSBS Talent Management Panel 2014

Moderator: Jeff Kudisch – Management & Organization


The War for Talent: Taking Battle Strategies to New Levels
Talent management remains one of the most compelling strategic priorities facing global organizations trying to achieve a competitive advantage in the 21st century. In order to survive and thrive, companies must continually rethink the way they attract, hire, develop and retain a passionate, highly-engaged workforce. Unfortunately, there is evidence worldwide that most organizations are still ill-prepared to adequately deal with these challenges. The panel will share insights about hot topics such as identifying and building an integrated supply chain for talent, focusing on continuous learning, redefining engagement, leveraging talent analytics, transforming HR functions, as well as obstacles to success.


  • Philip Altschuler
  • Eric Barger, Ph.D.
  • Jennifer Cowley
  • Wil VandeWiel

Topic: Healthcare Analytics

Moderator: Bruce Golden - Decision, Operations & Information Technologies


Panel Discussion on Healthcare Analytics
Business analytics has been flourishing for the last decade or so. It is the application of quantitative methods such as data mining, optimization, and simulation to the analysis of relevant data sets in order to improve decision-making. Healthcare data are now more plentiful than ever and, with a dysfunctional healthcare system in the U.S., healthcare professionals are looking for help, as never before. As a result, business schools have a unique opportunity to focus business analytics tools on the field of healthcare with the goal of reducing costs and saving lives. Our panel will discuss early successes, strategies, and obstacles.


  • Margret Bjarnadottir
  • John Silberholz
  • Arnie Greenland
  • Suchi Saria

Topic: Banking

Moderator: Haluk Unal - Finance


Banking in a Non-QE Era
The Federal Reserve has announced in December 2013 that it will taper the quantitative easing program starting January 2014. Indeed the bond-buying program was cut to $75 billion in January and again to $65 billion in February 2014. Clearly, 2014 is going to be the year when we see the Federal Reserve will start downsizing and upward pressures to materialize on the short-end of the yield curve.

Thus this policy change means new concerns and questions for the financial sector. Specifically,

1. What will happen to bank profits in 2014 after phenomenal 2013 record profits?

2. Are banks hedged for interest rate risk? Who will bear the interest rate risk?

3. Are small banks or large banks handle better the risks in 2014?

4. Will bank lending expand in 2014?

The panel will focus on these issues and panelists will share information explaining how their respective institutions will be coping with the risks of 2014.


  • Richard Brown
  • Al Ciafre
  • Louis Moore
  • August J. Chiasera 

Topic: Resiliency

Moderator: Lisa Harrington – Logistics, Business & Public Policy

Resiliency: The New Business Imperative
This session will focus on how organizations can build analytics-based adaptive resiliency into their operating models - without breaking the bank. Join Lisa Harrington and a distinguished panel of resiliency experts in exploring what works and what doesn't when dealing with risk and disruption in the today's highly interconnected and inter-dependent business environment.


  • Stephen Craig
  • John Corso
  • Dr. Matthew Stephen Anthony Feely 

Session 2

Topic: Gamification

Moderator: Oliver Schlake – Management & Organization


Angry Bird Strategy - Opportunities in Gamification as a Strategy
Thanks to an always-on mobile society, Gamification has grown exponentially in the last few years – an industry to be expected worth 5.5 billion dollars in the next four years. The recent trend show companies using games in a much more strategic approach, away from early gimmicks like achievement badges and collecting tokens to a more serious approach. The panel looks at the key trends of gamification as a business strategy, a new way to engage the customer and shape behavior as well as a future job growth market.


  • Barry Tanner
  • Porter Stowell
  • Steve Lunceford 

Topic: Startup Accelerators

Moderator: Brent Goldfarb – Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship


Startup Accelerators: Building great companies or building false hopes?
One of the fastest growing phenomenons in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is the rise of accelerators. These organizations offer a wide variety of advice, programming, and resources with the promise to help young companies grow faster and smarter. In the past three years, it is estimated that 200 to 300 new accelerators have opened worldwide. As a result, thousands of companies are churned out every year with the accelerator “stamp of approval”, yet how do we determine that these accelerators are working? Join Professor Brent Goldfarb and a panel of experts for a conversation about the current state and future of startup accelerators.

Student Lead: Shivani Mayini


  • John Bullard
  • Aaron Epstein
  • Jonathon Perrelli
  • Deborah Tillett 

Topic: Creating Shared Value

Moderator: Melissa Carrier – Center for Social Value Creation


Creating Shared Value: A Corporate View of Leadership and Change-making
The role of business in society is changing rapidly. Companies are being asked to think holistically about all stakeholders impacted by their operations. Some firms are going a step further and creating a competitive advantage using strategy and innovation to co-create social, environmental and social value. This session will highlight stories of a few of these inspiring corporate changemakers, their success and challenges, and give you concrete steps to take back to your own organization.

Student Lead: Zerina Borhan


  • Alison Taylor
  • Angela Peluso
  • John D. Trybus, APR
  • Gavin Cepelak 


Moderator: Louiqa Raschid – Decision, Operations & Information Technologies


Data Science and Financial BIGDATA
The promise of data science for finance and financial BIGDATA is the availability of large scale datasets that allow the modeling of complex ecosystems and supply chains created by the closely interlinked Web of financial entities and complex financial contracts. The challenge is monitoring, integrating, and analyzing data at scale. This may result in improved tools for regulators, fundamentally new designs of market mechanisms, new ways to reach consumers and to exploit the wisdom of the crowds.

Student Lead: Lily Matusiak


  • Michael Atkin
  • Nitish Sinha
  • Shawn Mankad 
  • Bill Nichols 

Topic: Dodd-Frank and JOBS Act

Moderator: Kathleen Hanley – Finance


The state of financial regulation at the SEC: A conversation about Dodd-Frank and the JOBS Act
Almost four years after Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act, regulatory agencies continue to work toward translating the Act into workable rules for U.S. businesses.  Join both former and current Deputy Chief Economists of the Securities and Exchange Commission to discuss the state of Dodd-Frank rulemaking and the challenges of implementation.  In addition, the panel will discuss the Commission's JOBS Act rulemaking and its potential effect on capital raising for smaller public companies.  Kathleen Weiss Hanley will chair the panel (roundtable) of distinguished guests who are responsible for ensuring that the rules incorporate and consider the economic impact of these regulations.

Student Lead: Chavuanne Wills


  • Scott W. Bauguess
  • Dr. Jennifer Marietta-Westberg
  • Jonathan S. Sokobin