Keynote Speaker


“Managing Uncertainty Due to Innovative Personnel Turnover: Who Leaves, Where to & Why Worry?”

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rajshree Agarwal

Chaired Professor in Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Innovative personnel are an organization's most critical assets, but they are also free to quit at will. This session will explore the uncertainties that arise from turnover in the management of knowledge. Building off cutting edge research in knowledge intensive sectors, the session will shed light on turnover related issues from the perspective of both the established firm that stands to lose valuable personnel, and also from the perspective of the aspiring entrepreneur who may want to leave and start their own organization. For the established firm, the session will discuss the multi-faceted strategies for retaining key personnel, including harnessing the entrepreneurial potential of their best employees. For the aspiring entrepreneur, the session will discuss the opportunities (and hazards) for success when venturing out, including creating win-win scenarios with the organizations they leave.