Doctoral Students

If you are interested in participating in commencement, please read the following:


To be eligible for commencement, you will need to apply for graduation via Testudo for the required semester. In addition, you must have passed your final dissertation defense (including completion of required changes by the dissertation committee) no later than dissertation deadline set by the Graduate School.

If you have already passed your dissertation and technically graduated, but did not participate in any ceremonies, then you do not need to worry about the previous sentence. If you are unsure if you are eligible or will be eligible please feel free to email the PhD Program Office at

Commencement Dates and Info

The university ceremony requires you to wear your robe and carry your hood (as you are not hooded yet). Because this ceremony is for the whole university, your recognition will be in the form of the announcer asking doctoral students to stand for applause, and the Smith School of Business to stand for applause.

At the Smith Commencement ceremony, you will be part of the walk-in (in the dean and department chairs' arrival) and sit on stage for the ceremony. The doctoral programs are usually recognized first and require you to be "hooded" by your faculty member in the presence of Dr. Robert Windle and Dean Alex Triantis. Your name, program and dissertation title will be announced as you are hooded. Because you sit on the main stage with the faculty and the dean, you will need to be there for the whole ceremony.

Things you need to do as soon as possible:

  1. Choose and ask a faculty member to hood you.
  2. Notify the PhD Program Office via email at of your intent to participate in the commencement ceremonies. Also, you must provide the name of the faculty member "hooding" you.
  3. Contact the University of Maryland Bookstore for ordering your regalia either online at, phone at 301-314-7839 or via email at

The PhD Program Office will keep you posted throughout the semester on deadlines and information regarding the regalia.

If you have any questions or need assistance please email the PhD Program Office at