MBA Association

MBA Association group photo 2019-2020

The MBA Association (MBAA) serves the full-time student body of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. The MBAA is the primary interface between the student body and the administration in order to enhance the Smith MBA experience.

As the MBAA, we pledge to facilitate the continued growth of the Smith community by creating an environment of open communication and opportunities for both personal and professional growth. The MBAA is responsible for the oversight of MBA student clubs, management of finances, and implementation of new and existing policies or initiatives. In addition, the MBAA plans special social events throughout the school year to foster collaboration among Smith students, faculty, administration, and alumni.


The constitution for the MBA Association outlines the operating policies and procedures for the the full-time MBA student population. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the officers as well as the governing principles for the clubs.


We, the members of the MBA Association, in order to improve the full-time Robert H. Smith MBA community, enhance the overall experience for its students, and maximize the value of the Robert H. Smith brand, establish this Constitution of the MBA Association.

The entire constitution can be downloaded here.

Board Members

 Peyton Harrison, President

As the President of the MBA Association, I work to execute the strategic vision for the development of the full-time MBA program. I work closely with the student clubs, the MBAA board, and in coordination with the Dean’s Office, Masters Programs Office, Office of Career Services, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

During my time as President I, along with our board members, will continue to improve relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. This includes developing a professional development committee with the sole purpose of creating or cultivating new and existing relationships that are in alignment with our trajectory. It is important that we are continuously connecting and building networks that can add value to our school and greater community. It is also important that we are thoughtful and purposeful when promoting Smith. Working with our clubs and board members, we will work to maximize not only the promotion of Smith, but also the benefits and associations created. 

Finally, the makeup of the community is by far the main reason I chose to attend Smith. I am consistently pleased with the caliber of students and professors that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. From entrepreneurs to former military pilots, the Smith community is filled with smart, scrappy, and motivated individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence. Our goal as the MBAA board will be to ensure that the needs of our fellow classmates are met so that the potential of our cohorts is realized. 

Outside of the President role, I am pursuing a strategy role with a media and entertainment company in order to help influence representation both behind and in front of the camera. I am a graduate of Morehouse College where I received my bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in finance. My professional history includes having worked in both private and public sector consulting for almost nine years. Being born and raised in Euclid, Ohio, I was able to witness the greatest comeback in sports history when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Championship, after being down 3-1 and beating the record setting defending champions.

Fun Fact: In college I worked at a moving company (Two Men in a Truck) and as a vacuum salesmen (Kirby Company).

 Frank DiGiovanni, Executive VP

As Executive VP, my goal is to continue to be a champion for all students at Smith and remain a strong advocate for our clubs.  I recognize that clubs are essential to providing the Smith community with a mix of professional, academic, and social events that enable students to learn about cultures and subject matters we may not have explored on our own.

I pledge to maintain an organized and responsive Board while preserving the balance between club events so that students are provided numerous diverse opportunities to participate and deepen connections with peers, their families, and the faculty.

It is my hope that everyone feels they can approach me with suggestions or concerns, as I know diversity of thought is invaluable to the MBA experience.  Feel free to stop me in the hallway, say hello and share your ideas!

 Andrew Lee, VP of Finance

As VP of Finance, I aim to maximize our resources by allocating funds toward the most impactful events.  The events we host as a program play a significant role in our Smith experience, so it is imperative that we continue to fund them in a forward thinking and responsible way.  This year has challenged us to change our operations significantly. I have tried to adjust accordingly, focusing on what is most essential to the program and what might be passed on to future classes.

In addition, I am looking for ways to create and fund events that foster a sense of community here at Smith.  Yes, we are a small group. But we are also highly diverse, brilliant, experienced, and driven. As I’m sure you would agree, business school is as much about the connections you make as it is about academics. Let’s take the opportunity while we can to learn from each other. In terms of process, I am also looking to build on my predecessor's transparency regarding reimbursements and aim to make the process more streamlined and effective for students. 

I look forward to working with you in the coming year to identify events and ideas worthy of MBAA funding.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding how we are spending our money or processing reimbursements.

Fun fact: In second grade, I finished second to Roger Schneeberger in a timed multiplication table test.  He moved shortly thereafter, but I will remember (dare I say, curse) his name until the day I die.

 Tida Jarjou, VP of Marketing and Communications

As the VP of Marketing & Communications, I would like to maintain the current marketing and communication of MBAA activities. II would like to focus my efforts on optimizing current activities, making processes more efficient and easy for both myself and clubs/individuals to spread the word of their events. I would like to also work very closely with Smith Centers of Excellence (Such as Dingman, Center for Social Value Creation, etc.) to assist with improving their marketing strategies and provide any guidance or advice to reaching more students for their planned events. I’m a Marketing Track student and over summer 2019 I worked as a Brand Manager at Mars Wrigley (yes the chocolate factory). I’ve learned a great deal about crafting stories and grabbing the attention of your audience, a few of the skills required to succeed in a Marketing and communications role. 

I plan to add a virtual billboard on the charging station TV, where individuals can submit an announcement for upcoming employer events, club events, or any related and appropriate MBA info/requests. I plan to be your reliable source of student club information though-out the academic year. In addition to the weekly newsletter and virtual billboard, I will work closely with the VP of Marketing of each club to effectively communicate events and other opportunities offered to the MBA Cohorts. 

Fun fact: I was a competitive cheerleader throughout highschool and once considered pursuing it professionally.

 Rachel Pulley, VP of Signature Events

I am thrilled to support our MBA community by planning and producing our signature events, with input from both first and second years. One of the events I am most excited for is Monte Carlo, our annual formal event hosted in DC. It's an evening of dancing and socializing with classmates and alums and a fun opportunity to see everyone dressed up. My goal is to provide a few fun escapes from homework. Through Monte Carlo, quarterly dinners with Dean Triantis, and other special social events I aim to help build a cohesive, supportive community within the full-time MBA class.

Fun fact: I spent a summer in high school living in a tent in Cumberland Gap National Park building trails with the Student Conservation Association.

 Arielle Kleinman, VP of Professional Development & Ethics

How we work together and treat each other at Smith will shape how we lead in our careers. Those same values also impact how we define our legacy at Smith and beyond. As VP of Professional Development and Ethics, I will leverage the track organization of our program and cross-functional collaboration with our student-run clubs and the Office of Career Services to provide effective professional development opportunities that support each of us in pursuing rewarding careers. This coming year we will continue intentionally preparing for the job search, improve the quality of our case and behavioral interview skills, and engage in critical conversations on topics that are ever prevalent in business so that we become not only strong business professionals, but also ethical leaders. 

Fun Fact: I am a certified USA Weightlifting coach

 Shannon Moselle, VP of Student Affairs

I am excited to serve as this year's VP of Student Affairs. While this role puts me in charge of two key events over the course of the year, the 2019 Orientation and the Student Satisfaction Survey, I also serve as the liaison between my classmates and Smith faculty regarding any and all academic or programmatic concerns. Orientation is a key event for the first year MBA class. Taking place in August, it sets the stage for the entire Smith experience. As the lead organizer and content creator, my goal is to work closely with the Orientation Committee to personalize and refine the program to ensure students are well prepared for the demands of their first semester. 

The other main event I look forward to leading is the Spring Student Satisfaction Survey, the primary mechanism used to ensure the Smith program is continuously improving. My hope is to accurately capture and convey the programmatic strengths and areas for improvement from the student perspective, giving the faculty a well-rounded view on what opportunities exist to further enrich the Smith program.  

Fun fact: My two brothers and I discovered a cave full of mummies in the Sahara desert when I was 10 years old. 

 Anthony Woodard, Jr, VP of Community Development & Social Value

As the VP of Community Development and Social Value, I am ecstatic for the upcoming year. When I think about the Smith Community, I think of a community with diverse and bold personalities and perspectives. In my role, my plan for the upcoming year is to continue to strengthen the Smith Community through providing a variety of quality events leveraging our amazing affinity and professional clubs here at Smith. Each member of this community has a different story and I think that it is extremely important for us to provide an environment that allows us to support and learn more about each other in the coming year.

 Snigdha Sinha, VP of International Student Affairs  

As the VP of International student affairs, I understand that for international students, change is the only constant, which can be unnerving. Here’s is where I step in - my umbrella goal is to champion each international student’s personal and professional journey as they navigate their path to becoming the best version of themselves. I also plan to introduce a mentor – mentee program by identifying alumni who are in roles that are a close match with a student’s career aspirations. This program is also directed towards increasing cross-cohort interaction and reinforces the motto of terps helping terps. Further, I unswervingly endorse the belief that we’re the strongest when we’re one community and thus, one of my goals is to foster strong and genuine bonds between current international and domestic students, and alumni. I plan to facilitate this through events, meetups, and treks (let’s have fun while we connect!). 

Fun fact: I’ve been working on becoming ambidextrous, especially with handwriting.


Please save reimbursement forms in the respective Dropbox and notify VP of Finance once submitted. This includes the following forms:

  1. Itemized Receipt.
  2. Attendee List. (Socials do not need attendee lists)
  3. Marketing Materials, if applicable. As an example, a copy of a flyer, blast email, or Facebook post. (Socials do not need marketing materials)

Students can expect reimbursements within 1 week, provided relevant paperwork has been submitted. Please use the MBAA debit card whenever possible, as it eliminates the need to reimburse students, and increases transparency surrounding program spending. Note that the normal paperwork needs to be submitted on Dropbox when using the MBAA card.

Form of Reimbursement: We do not reimburse via Venmo, rather preferred methods are Check or Paypal.

Questions surrounding this process can be directed to the VP of Finance email at