Graduate Student Clubs

Student clubs and organizations keep you involved with campus life – a vital part of the Smith experience. Participating in the many opportunities for learning and achieving that exist everywhere at Smith will change your perspective, your focus – even your life.


The MBA Association (MBAA) coordinates 19 student-run groups. Its focus is to build a sense of community by providing Smith MBA students opportunities to interact through social and career development activities held throughout the year. The MBAA relies on Smith MBA clubs as well as contact with professors and alumni to help students strengthen skills, define their career goals, and develop a solid network of professional peers.


Our mission is to create and provide a community dedicated to helping Asian MBA students in adapting themselves into America as well as to facilitate exchange/exposure of eastern cultures with the wider community including, but not limited to, other business school students.

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Luhan Tang, President

Wei-Hsuan Chiang, President

Akira Miwa, VP of Marketing

Eric Liu, VP of Professional Development

Kazuki Noda, VP of Event Management

Muhtar Fauzy, VP of Finance

Nat Tangpipith, VP of External Relations


DC Asian MBA Networking

This event will create a network and connection among AMBAAs in the MD/DC/VA region, co-hosting with Georgetown, GWU and Johns Hopkins full-time MBA programs. We are hoping to increase attendance and extend our presence in the DMV area.

Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner

This event promotes one of the most important holidays in East Asia, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Held at the beginning of the school year, students enjoy traditional Asian cuisine, learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival history through cultural games and activities.

International Week

A grand and spectacular exhibition of authentic international food, performances, and cultural showcases to increase cross-cultural awareness within the Smith community. AMBAA will plan a week-long of events, co-hosted by the IMBAA and LAMBASA, to educate students on different cultures.

Career Trek to Local Company

This event is to connect alumni who are working in the D.C. area and to provide additional opportunities to network and find a career for students, co-hosted with the DATC club. AMBAA will identify a number of potential alumni who will either be able to enable the career trek or participate in a panel event.


The National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for Black professionals. We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve through:

  • Innovative Programs that stimulate intellectual and economic growth
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate this growth
  • Increased awareness and access to graduate management programs and career opportunities in management fields

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Ariel Bouie, President

Kalonji Sutherland-Madhere , Executive VP

Montrelle Green, VP of External Affairs

Chris Kootin-Sanwu, VP of Finance

Kimberley Camps, VP of Marketing

Jesse Moore, VP of Diversity & Inclusion


Afro-Latino Culture Night

A celebration of the Afro-Latino Diaspora that is used to highlight the contributions of those from the African and Latino Diaspora. A night with food, fun and exposure to the different cultures that make up Smith!

Black Enterprise Fireside Chat

This event is to highlight those of African American decent who have found success in the business world. This event is used to inspire Smith students and allow them to gain insight from industry leaders.

William H. Bradford Diversity Banquet

Sponsored by the Black MBA Association and the Latin American MBA Student Association, the event aims to celebrate the life of William H. Bradford, the first African American Dean of the Smith Business School. This event also celebrates diversity through an awards ceremony for students.


Our mission is to develop the analytical and visualization skills of Smith students through the sharing of knowledge.

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Eric Liu, President

Justin Ellis, VP of Finance

Evan Shields, VP of External Relations

Hideaki Shimizu, VP of Marketing

Rashmi Jayanth, VP of Marketing

Fatia Kasumu, VP of Marketing


Lynda Series

The Lynda Series will be led by board members on a recurring basis as a "book club"-esque function where members will get together and share on a specific topic ranging from advanced excel to Tableau.

Speaker Series

Through our alumni network, we will bring in speakers that can bring insights into how data analytics impact their every day life. There is a wide range of speakers that we have hosted in the past, ranging from product management to supply chain revenue management.

Training Courses

Experts will be brought in to share knowledge about various systems, such as Tableau, SQL, R, Python, and Advanced Excel. To follow up on these courses, we will have Lynda series to keep students engaged.

Consulting & Data Analytics Super Day

This event will include a keynote and alumni reception to meet the alumni. In the past, mock case interviews were led by alumni. Students will have a chance to practice case interviewing and receive feedback.

Career Treks

Treks will be centered around top companies in the DMV area, providing further engagement between students and possible functions not just at the company we would trek to, but similar functions at other companies.

Networking Events

These events will feature alumni, key industry contacts, MBAs from other schools, and Part-time/EMBA/OMBA students at Smith. Events can be centered around outdoor activities or team building activities that actually build relationships.


We are comprised of both domestic and international students with interest in, or experience with, the Emerging Markets. In addition to our primary focus on geographic emerging markets, the EMA also works to instill students with the crucial mindset and global perspective that is increasingly necessary in an ever-connected world.

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Nazat Dowla, President

Juan Alvarado, VP of Internal Relations

Gery Brownholtz, VP of Finance

Inci Kipcak, VP of External Relations


Emerging Markets Forum Case Competition

EMA will host a case competition with emerging markets clubs from other MBA programs in the area. The judges will be from both industry and academia.  Participating MBA teams will be provided the case in advance and asked to provide a recommendation based on financial, strategic and political factors.

Emerging Markets Career Trek

EMA club members and other interested MBA students will take part in a career trek to learn more about careers with international organizations to do with trade, finance and economic development.  Target organizations include the following:  Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Finance Corporation.

Emerging Market Forum Reception

EMA hosts a reception after the Emerging Markets Forum to give attendees the opportunity to meet one another in an informal environment and build relationships. There will be 150-200 attendees and speakers at the Forum, from industry, government, academia and NGOs.

Doing Business Abroad

This event is intended to introduce the MBA community to career opportunities in different regions of the world. We will host a panel of 3-to-4 alumni who work internationally - from across the marketing, consulting and finance industries.

International Alumni Speaker

We will invite international alumni of the Smith school to call in and speak about their experiences in a lunch and learn setting.

EMA Student Speaker Event

International students from the Smith MBA program will discuss doing business in their home countries, their previous experiences, and how they got here.


We are the go-to resource for MBA students who want to get more acquainted with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and offerings at Smith and the DC-area at large. We will encourage an environment where students are not afraid to be ambitious or take matters into their own hands when trying to accomplish something or drive change.

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Amit Puri, President

Juan Alvarado, Executive VP

Helen Zhang, VP of Finance

Mandar Kashikar, VP of External Relations

Nicholas Wiley, VP of External Relations

Varun Saxena, VP of Marketing & Communications


Venture Capital Investment Competitions (VCIC)

Students team up to compete as venture capital firms researching, meeting with, and evaluating real world startups in need of investment capital. The winner of our competition here at Smith goes on to compete at regionals against top-ranked MBA programs for the chance to compete in the finals against schools from across the world.

Key Dates

October 1, 2018 – VCIC Info Session
November 12 & 14, 2018 – Venture Capital Bootcamps
November 16, 2018 – VCIC Competition @ Smith



Our mission is to provide Smith MBA students with the tools and resources to sharpen their marketing skills in order to succeed in their marketing careers.

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Rumi Pena Rosales, President

Mandar Kashikar, Executive VP & CIO

Vivek Mehrotra, VP of Finance

Kimberley Camps, VP of Marketing & Communications

Tia Naveendran, VP of External Relations & Networking

Jason Hutt, VP of Internal Relations & Career Development

Patrick Wilson, VP of Cosponsored Events


Super Bowl Advertising Analysis

The goal of this fun event will be to highlight the effect that advertisements have on brand recall. We will provide guidelines to current students to analyze the Super Bowl commercials and then ask some trivia questions. They will determine if the resources invested on the brands during this high traffic airtime justify the impact they have on their target market. The team with the most correct answers wins a small prize.

Marketing Alumni Panel

Highlighting the success of Smith MBA Alumni, this event allows for current students to interact with Smith alumni who currently work in the marketing industry. This is a great event to network and gain insight on the marketing industry as a whole.

Building Green Brands

GMA and Net Impact are pairing to change the perception that sustainability and being "green" come at the expense of profitability. This event will be an interactive "brand workshop" with a company, and we will examine how it can incorporate sustainable practices into its business and leverage them as part of its brand.


Our mission is to create a collaborative and supportive environment for students interested in the business of healthcare. HBA will support fellow students in developing their portfolio for job applications and prepare for interviews with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

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Labdhi Seth, President

Helen Zhang, VP of Finance

Pratik Gandhi, VP of Operations

Derek Valet, VP of External Outreach

Mandar Kashikar, VP of Marketing & Communications

Varun Saxena, VP of Internal Communications


Healthcare Club Meet & Greet

The meet and greet will be an event with a panel of 2nd year students who have interned at a healthcare or pharmaceutical company (inclusive of all tracks). This event will address important issues related to success during the MBA program and job search. This event will be the first formal introduction to the club and an opportunity to introduce 2nd year students to 1st years and build a sense of community.

Career Night

HBA will invite alumni, recruiters and company representatives to speak and interact with students. We hope to raise awareness for the breadth of jobs available in the respective companies and industries, and to expose MBA candidates to potential internship and full-time opportunities. This will be a great networking opportunity for those who are considering careers in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and meet students from the part-time, executive, and online programs.

Career Trek

The trek will be planned in collaboration with the Office of Career Services, Alumni relations and the current students to provide opportunities to visit recruiting firms and understand day-to-day operations. This event will occur during the spring semester with firms in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.


Prospanica: September 12-14 in Milwaukee, WI
National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA): September 25-29 in Detroit, MI


Our mission is to prepare our members for careers in the field of human capital and organizational strategy through events with current human resource experts. The human capital profession affects the processes, methodologies, and resources through which organizations align their people and business strategy. The club examines the various dimensions of human capital in designing and achieving business objectives.

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Kazuki Noda, President

Akira Miwa, Executive VP

Hideaki Shimizu, VP of Finance


Fireside Chats

Cosponsored events with Office of Career Services, we will bring in HR professionals to talk about topics including ethics, diversity, compliance, employee engagement, organization/culture/change management. This is a two-part series. The purpose of these events is for participants to understand the reality of HR management.

Career Trek to NYC

The trek will allow students to experience what it would be like to work in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. Students will meet and tour NYC corporations and understand day-to-day operations at the company. Students will get to meet staff and leadership and expand their network and form connections. Students will have the opportunity to ask about internship and full-time opportunities and learn about the application and interview process from leadership.


Our mission is to leverage the diversity of the Smith Community and seeks to improve students' (domestic or international) cultural awareness through social and professional activities.

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Inci Kipcak, President

Olatunde Elujoba, Executive VP

Amishi Shah, VP of Finance

Vignesh Ilango, VP of Logistics

Shrutee Sangani, VP of Marketing

Sahng Vin Lee, VP of External Relations

Joelle Wisnieski, VP of International Relations


Diwali Night

Diwali, the festival of lights, is undoubtedly the biggest festival celebrated in India. It is also the biggest event sponsored by the International MBA Association. The event that lasts for a couple of hours includes several activities such as dance performances by students, a colorful fashion show, Bollywood-style dancing, singing and finally, everyone lets loose when the DJ plays some peppy Indian tracks. Apart from all these activities, an elaborate Indian buffet is a major attraction during the event. It is a night that showcases not only Indian culture and diversity but also the camaraderie that characterizes the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Play Your Strengths

IMBAA and ODI have partnered to support international students regarding diversity and how they can leverage their strengths as they build relationships with alumni and recruiters.

American Football Workshop

IMBAA is launching an early fall activity with both personal and professional objectives to ease the confusion for international students feel when American students start wearing jerseys to class and using sports jargon. The purpose of the event is to introduce international students to the NFL and US football, so that students can enjoy some of the most exciting weekends the US has to offer. IMBAA wants to introduce students to the rules and schedule of the fall football season for improved fluidity at networking and professional events.

International Alumni Networking - Virtual

IMBAA will conduct a virtual webinar with international alumni located across the US to get a sense of their journey and insights into specific industries which are region specific (like tech on the west coast, finance on the east, etc.). This session will be dedicated to improving the understanding of working in different areas of the US. This will be vital as attendees will get a good sense of how backgrounds and MBAs are valued across different industries enabling them to improve connections with companies and recruiters.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for Jewish engagement and create dynamic social and educational events that ignite interfaith and intercultural exchange for all MBA students at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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Jason Hutt, President

Brandon Zarco, Executive VP


Sukkot Shindig

Sukkot is a fall holiday in which Jews create a structure in their yard and eat outside. The Sukkot Shindig will introduce classmates to the traditions of Sukkot. This is a great event for classmates and families to join together, bond, and learn about Jewish culture.

Interfaith Lunch & Learn

An opportunity for our community to learn about various faiths from the classmates who practice them--Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu.  We will learn about each faith's history, core tenets and contemporary community, followed by a Q&A.

Hanukkah Sendoff Social

JMBAA's annual Holiday Send-off social will be held at the very end of Term B.  While celebrating and learning about the holiday of Hanukkah, students get a chance to unwind after a week of Finals and say their goodbyes before we disperse for winter break.

International Museum Trip

The JMBAA will partner with the Black MBA Association on a museum trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  This day-long trip will introduce and educate the MBA class on some of the history, struggles and accomplishments of both African Americans and Jews.

Passover Dinner

Passover is one of the most interesting and meaningful traditions in the Jewish calendar. Students, faculty and the entire Smith MBA community (full-time, part-time and EMBA) will have the opportunity to learn about the Seder and the Passover Holiday while enjoying a delicious, traditional holiday dinner.


Our mission is to provide Latin MBA students with the tools they need to thrive in the business world environment, as fearless leaders who embrace their culture and heritage and promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in society.

Email us at or visit our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. 


Natalia Olmos, President

Alethia Maciel, Executive VP

Bladimir Portillo, VP of Finance

Rumi Peña Rosales, VP of Marketing

Akira Miwa, VP of Co-sponsored Events

Fabrizio Aguirre, VP of MBA Collaboration


Powerties Speaking Series

A powerful Presentation by Dan Beaudry about Job Search in the US for international students. This presentation will be part of International Success Day.

Job Search Panel With Alumni

Provide international students with a specialized session on job search strategies, recommendations, possible networking contacts and support from international Alumni.


Energetic event in which students have a unique cultural experience with Latin dance music; they learn basic steps, have a good time, enjoy great music, and dance their feet off.

Public Speaking Workshop

Specialized workshop for non-native English speakers intended to give them resources and tips on how to improve their public speaking skills.

Bradford Banquet

Honor the legacy of William Bradford while celebrating diversity at Smith. The event brings together faculty, students, alumni, and employers in a formal event that recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and businesses.

Fiesta Latina

The most iconic LAMBASA event is always a great opportunity to get the community together for a night of fun, Latin American music, dance, and surprises before the semester ends.



Our mission is to generate awareness of the principles of consulting, provide resources in career development, and offer skill advancement in consulting. The club has 3 main goals: coach and facilitate professional development of members, support and make aware consulting opportunities, and assist in making meaningful connections in the consulting community.

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Zimberlyn Bolton, President

Melanie Pirchner, Executive VP

Akshatha Bhat, VP of International Relations

Evan Shields, VP of Marketing

Shrutee Sangani, VP of Professional Development

Natnapin Tangpipith, VP of Alumni Relations

Eric Litmer, VP of Finance


Consulting Forum

This is MCC's signature event and in its 17th year. This event brings in employers from some of the top consulting firms in the DMV area as well as members of the executive, part-time, and online programs. This event happens just before the consulting recruiting season fully kicks off and offers networking and informational sessions for all attendees.

Consulting Lunch and Learn Series

This event series will give students an opportunity to hear, firsthand, what types of projects consultants are working on as well as the different industry they have worked in. In this intimate setting, students will be given the opportunity to engage with alumni who have succeeded beyond Smith.


Net Impact believes in the collective potential of emerging leaders: offering the skills, experiences and connections needed to become a more effective change agent. Our guiding principles include:

  1. A truly successful business is accountable for positive influence in three fronts – financial, social and natural.
  2. Properly valuing nature and people while doing business creates a competitive advantage.
  3. Inspire others through education and interaction.
  4. Challenge traditional business practices and unsustainable consumption models.

Email us at


Deepika Yadav, President

Joelle Wisnieski, Executive VP

Mario Martinez, VP of Finance

Melissa Borts, VP of Operations

Melanie Pirchner, VP of External Relations

Alethia Maciel, VP of Marketing & Communications


Impact Career Trek to D.C. (World Bank, AARP & US Chamber of Commerce Foundation)

A key opportunity for students to explore possible careers and the use of impact-based decision-making in the D.C. area business world. Participants will be given the opportunity to network with alumni and other professionals working in business and making a difference within their roles.

Documentary Screening and Measuring Impact

We will screen a carefully selected modern documentary that is aimed at creating awareness about the role sustainability and corporate responsibility have in business and the future world economy. This will be paired with a detailed presentation about measuring impact in a meaningful way through a joint project in collaboration with the Data Analytics & Technology Club.

Smith Impact Day

The entire Smith community will pull together including current MBA students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employer partners to make an impact through volunteerism in the College Park area. A full day of inspiration through interactions and education based community building. This is a new endeavor that will soon be a signature event for Net Impact!



The Professional Communications Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to develop, practice and master their communication skills. Our activities and workshops are focused around recruiter interaction, interview preparation, corporate presentation delivery, and public speaking.

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Patrick Wilson, President

Shrutee Sangani, Executive VP

Evan Shields, VP of Finance

Natalia Olmos, VP of Marketing


Would You Rather?

Face off in short debates centered around life's lighter questions. Would you rather know when you are going to die or how? Would you rather be attacked by a shark or a bear?

Leadership Under Fire

Build your crisis management skills in a case competition that puts you in the position of a high-level executive of a company in crisis. You will write press releases, prepare a written statement, and field questions in a press conference from members of the press.

Smith Talks

First and second year students share their perspectives in TED inspired talks. This is a unique chance for the speakers to stretch their abilities as presenters and for everybody to learn from their peers.


The Smith Association of Women MBAs strives to create an inclusive environment that promotes and celebrates the career goals and accomplishments of future world business leaders. SAWMBA provides its members professional and personal growth opportunities where we address the pressing issues facing women and their advancement in the workplace.

Email us at or visit our Facebook page.


Joelle Wisnieski, President

Lacy Kline, Executive VP

Inci Kipcak, VP of Finance

Labdhi Seth, VP of Operations

Ariel Bouie, VP of External Relations


Get Confident Series

This signature event series aims to encourage women to try new activities that would be beneficial for their professional development and success in business. In the past, events have included skeet shooting, bourbon and whiskey tastings, golf, etc.

Lunch and Learn: Women in the C-Suite

This event is a lunch and learn series created for Women in business and MBA career paths. The guest speaker will be a woman entrepreneur who owns her own business or a woman in a c-suite position. We will discuss the challenges of being a woman in business, tips for others trying to get their start, how to best deal with a difficult co-worker, etc.

Lunch and Learn: Book Circles

This event is a part of a new lunch and learn series that SAWMBA wants to create for Women in business and MBA career paths. Participants will have a book or journal article to read before attending that aligns with women empowerment, women in the workplace, being an ally, etc.


The Smith MBA Finance Association works to prepare students for opportunities in finance-related careers and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of the field. SFA helps students achieve their career goals through mock interviews, resume reviews, job finding strategy sessions, and seminars on careers in finance. The association also contributes through panel discussions that explore a variety of finance-related topics, sponsoring talks by leading professionals in the finance field, and arranging networking events.

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Amishi Shah, President

William Cornelison, VP of Finance

Gery Brownholtz, VP of External Relations

Helen Zhang, VP of External Relations

George Dziados, VP of Marketing & Communications


Baltimore Career Trek

Trek focused on assisting Finance students that are interested in pursuing a career at one of the major financial institutions in the Baltimore area.

New York Career Trek

Trek focused on visiting major financial firms on Wall Street and meetings with Smith alumni in NYC. Alumni will have a chance to catch up on Smith happenings and needs. MBA candidates will have a chance to learn more about the finance industry from Alumni.

Wall Street Prep / DCF Modeling Course

Wall Street Prep financial modeling course for students that are looking to refine their Excel financial modeling skills. Wall Street Prep's instructor-led training prepares professionals, students and those in career transition into a financial role.


The Smith Pride Alliance (SPA) is an affinity group for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ (LGBTQ+) MBA and Specialty Masters Students and their Allies at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. We facilitate social, academic, and professional opportunities for members of our community and allies, while creating an inclusive environment on campus.

Email us at or visit our web or Facebook pages.


Matt Harrop, President

Tiffany Corpuz , Executive VP

Gustavo Garcia , VP of Finance

Joelle Wisnieski , VP of Marketing

Garrett Coffman , VP of Ally Relations

Nick Edwards , VP of Community Outreach


Smith Pride Celebration

This is a full day of celebration and outright supportive and visible events for those students at Smith who identify as LGBTQ+ individuals. We will be giving away freebies, learning more about our members, and throwing an evening social event of a lifetime!

Hear My Story

SPA's signature and best attended event of the year! We will host a diverse group of 5 to 7 panelists over lunch. The event consists of panelists who share stories of identity and diversity in the workplace or otherwise; then, we will break down into smaller groups where attendees can share personal stories with their tables and we can discuss broader issues of diversity.

SPA Mentorship and Networking

This event is new, but will most likely turn into a signature event for SPA! We are looking to increase the community base for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies within the greater Smith community. This is an ideal event for MBA students interested in mentoring their peers and undergraduate students within the business world!


SmithVets is established for the expressed purpose of facilitating contact between current MBA students and potential employers, maintaining an outreach program for prospective veteran applicants, and perpetuating a network of veteran students able to assist each other throughout the MBA program. We are committed to coordinating value-added events that build close camaraderie amongst our distinguished members and the Smith MBA cohort.

Email us at or visit our web page.


Mike Friedman, President

Jun Kim, Executive VP

Joseph Tennant, VP of Finance


A Day at the Range

Join the Vets for a day at the driving range to get confident with your golf swing. This event is a great opportunity to build camaraderie with your fellow classmates while practicing your golf skills. Clubs will be provided for those that don't have them and your first bucket of balls is free!

Hiking with the Vets

SmithVets take up to 12 students on an all-expenses-paid hiking trip to Great Falls. This trip promotes class cohesion and provides an opportunity for students to see what else this area has to offer. Trip includes admission, a hike, lunch, and transportation.


Our mission to prepare students for their careers in Supply Chain and Operations by providing them with experiences to foster professional growth. We seek to develop wider and deeper networks with Professionals in the DMV area, leverage internal relationships within the Smith Community, seek to understand industry trends and dynamics, and encourage self-driven improvement through Certification study groups and case competitions.

Email us at


Vince (Sahng Vin) Lee, President

Deepika Yadav, Executive VP

Tiffany Corpuz, VP of Finance

Shea McCormick, VP of Marketing

Ariel Bouie, VP of Faculty Affairs


Amazon Trek

Students will be able to travel to Amazon's Baltimore distribution center to see one of the world's largest and most progressed supply chain companies in action.

Hilton Discussion Panel Webinar

We will be hosting a discussion panel with a top operations representative from Hilton International to learn more about operations and logistics within the hospitality industry.