Graduate Student Clubs

Student clubs and organizations keep you involved with campus life – a vital part of the Smith experience. Participating in the many opportunities for learning and achieving that exist everywhere at Smith will change your perspective, your focus – even your life.

The MBA Association (MBAA) coordinates 14 student-run groups. Its focus is to build a sense of community by providing Smith MBA students opportunities to interact through social and career development activities held throughout the year. The MBAA relies on Smith MBA clubs as well as contact with professors and alumni to help students strengthen skills, define their career goals, and develop a solid network of professional peers.


Our mission is to create and provide a community dedicated to helping Asian MBA students in adapting themselves into America as well as to facilitate exchange/exposure of eastern cultures with the wider community including, but not limited to, other business school students.

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Iris Lan, President

Vanessa Chang, VP of External Affairs

Wei Dai, VP of Finance

Amara Alam, VP of Marketing

Tomo Uiji, VP of Event Management


Mid-autumn Festival Dinner

This event promotes one of the most important holidays in East Asia, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Held at the beginning of the school year, students enjoy traditional Asian cuisine, learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival history through cultural games and activities, as well as the opportunity to interact and meet AMBAA board members.

Networking Luncheon with China EMBA

In collaboration with the EMBA program, AMBAA plans to organize a luncheon, open to all student members, and invite EMBA students for an informal lunch session as networking opportunities during their annual visit in September. AMBAA believed this event is useful as it will strengthen the relationship for students between the two programs as well as extend potential professional connections outside of the United States.

Ping Pong Game

Ping-pong is a popular sport in Asia as well as in UMD. This event is for first years, second years, and professors' engagement who are passionate about ping-pong and vibrant community of UMD. This event provides a different setting for MBA community engagement.

International Week

A grand and spectacular exhibition of authentic international food, performances, and cultural showcases to increase cross-cultural awareness within the Smith community. For the upcoming school year, AMBAA plans a week-long of events, co-hosted by the IMBAA and LAMBASA, to educate students on different cultures through games and activities.

Badminton Game

Badminton is another popular sport in Asia as well as in UMD. This event is for first years, second years, and professors' engagement who are passionate about badminton and vibrant community of UMD. This event is unique that provides a different setting for MBA community engagement.

Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

This event provides an opportunity for students to learn more about Japanese culture and embrace diversity. Celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival has become a tradition in the Smith community as well as the DC area.


The National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for Black professionals. We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve through:

  • Innovative Programs that stimulate intellectual and economic growth
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate this growth
  • Increased awareness and access to graduate management programs and career opportunities in management fields

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Obi Okereke, President

Erick Loyo, Executive VP

Anthony Woodward, VP of External Affairs

Kristen Howard, VP of Finance

Tida Jarjou, VP of Marketing

Brandon Byers, VP of Internal Affairs


Bradford Awards Banquet

This event will honor the legacy of William Bradford while celebrating the diversity at Smith. The event brings together faculty, students, alumni and employers in a formal event that recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and businesses. We plan to allocate the allotted funds on a venue, catering, bar service, entertainment, printing supplies, resume book, Guest speaker, panelist gifts, awards, scholarships, photographer, and florist. This event will be a memorable night and provide a true ROI for not only the students at Smith, but for the entire University. We expect 150 people to attend this event.

Congressional Black Caucus Event

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) is a foundation aimed at advancing the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy and educating the public. The 49th Annual Legislative Conference is an event that predominantly African American professionals and leaders from all over the country come together to discuss issues that are plaguing African Americans and the global black community. Thought leaders, legislators and concerned citizens engage on economic development, civil and social justice, public health and education issues. This is an opportune time for students to continue to build their network and meet professionals across numerous industries. This event is intended to increase understandings of today's issues from an African-American perspective and strengthen the network between the BMBAA and other professionals in the area. The request will include travel and admission tickets, we expect 35 people to attend.

Black & Latin FT, PT, EMBA & Alumni Mixer

The 5th annual networking event for BMBAA and LAMBASA Full-Time, Part-Time and EMBAs with Black and Latin Alumni. One of the strengths of the Smith program is its network. This event serves to help connect the Full-Time, Part-Time, and Alumni, helping all programs realize the benefits of the full network. We plan to meet at a venue that condones networking where we can converse with part time and full time MBA students, further developing our personal brand and learning how to enrich ourselves by learning from others.

Minorities in Business, Tech & Entrepreneurship Panel

A business panel to provide the opportunity for members of all affinity groups to network and learn from minority business leaders in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology and business. This will give current students' knowledge and perspective on how to achieve great success in their careers. We plan to reach out within our community, targeting companies that we do direct business with if applicable and to leverage our personal contacts in the area to foster new business relationships for Smith. We will facilitate questions and provide food for our guest. We plan to host this event on campus, providing ease of access for our students. We expect 20 people to attend this event.


Our mission is to develop the analytical skills of Smith students through the sharing of knowledge and enable students to apply analytical concepts and tools to all the career functions and industries.

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Vanessa Chang, President

Ha Le, Executive VP

Apoorva Talwar, VP of External Affairs

Gerald Runyan, VP of Finance

Wei Dai, VP of Marketing


Consulting & Data Analytics Super Day

This event will include a keynote and alumni reception to meet the alumni. In the past, mock case interviews were led by alumni. Students will have the opportunity to practice case interviewing and receive feedback. This is a great networking event to explore career opportunities.

Speaker Series

Through our alumni network, we will bring in speakers that can bring insights into how data analytics impact their everyday life. There is a wide range of speakers that we have hosted in the past, ranging from product management to supply chain revenue management.

Training Courses

Experts will be brought in to share knowledge about various systems, such as Tableau, SQL, R, Python, and Advanced Excel. This session will feature in a mentor-mentee program where there will be 2nd-year volunteers to guide reoccurring sessions by incorporating real cases to keep students engaged.

Networking Events

These events will feature alumni, key industry contacts, MBAs from other schools, and Part-time/EMBA/OMBA students at Smith. Events can be centered around meetups and panel discussions that build relationships.

Career Treks

Treks will be centered around top companies in the DMV area, providing further engagement between students and possible functions not just at the company we would trek to, but similar functions at other companies.

Pre-Trek Prep Session & Interview preparation

This session will be centered around roles with more technical exposure such as Product Manager and with technology industry. With increasing popularity in these areas, DATC would like to leverage the platform to share experience and knowledge with the students.

Fall/Spring Webinars

Draw on Alumni & industry contacts, DATC will host webinars to facilitate Alums and contacts especially those who are not based in DC area to share their experience and for students to explore potential career opportunities, endorsers and sponsors.


The Smith MBA Finance and Venture Capital Club works to prepare students for opportunities in finance-related careers and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of the field. FVC helps students achieve their career goals through mock interviews, resume reviews, job finding strategy sessions, and seminars on careers in finance. The association also contributes through panel discussions that explore a variety of finance-related topics, sponsoring talks by leading professionals in the finance field, and arranging networking events.

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Thomas Donovan, President

Erick Loyo, Executive VP

Kristen James, VP of External Affairs

James Murphy, VP of Finance


Global Impact Coalition believes in the collective potential of emerging leaders: offering the skills, experiences and connections needed to become a more effective change agent. Our guiding principles include:

1. A truly successful business is accountable for positive influence in three fronts – financial, social and natural.

2. Properly valuing nature and people while doing business creates a competitive advantage.

3. Inspire others through education and interaction.

4. Challenge traditional business practices and unsustainable consumption models.


Neha Agrawal, President

Nicholas Gummo, Executive VP

Shannon Moselle, VP of Finance

Rachel Pulley, VP of Marketing

Emily Thiell, VP of Diversity

Club email:


Impact Career Trek

A key opportunity for students to explore possible careers and the use of impact-based decision-making in the DMV area business world. Participants will be given the opportunity to network with alumni and other professionals working in business and making a difference within their roles.

Local Impact Consulting

Consulting opportunity with a non-profit or social enterprise in the DMV area by providing strategic support services that contribute to both a) the partner's organizational objectives and b) Smith students' experiential learning goals. Support may include: strategic and operational advisory support, data analytics, marketing strategy development, social and environmental impact assessments, etc.

Coffee Chat with Dr. Kislaya Prasad

Dr. Prasad will share his insights related to international relations, economic policy, game theory, and data analytics through a social impact lens.

Smith Community Work Day

The entire Smith community will pull together including current MBA students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employer partners to make an impact through volunteerism in the College Park area. A full day of inspiration through interactions and education based community building.

Additional Resources


Our mission is two-fold - to promote cross-cultural collaboration by leveraging the diversity of the Smith Community, and to improve students' cultural awareness through social and professional activities.

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Daksh Gumber, President

Snigdha Sinha, VP of External Affairs

Joelle Wisnieski, VP of Finance

Ha Le, VP of Operations


Diwali Night

Diwali, the festival of lights, is undoubtedly the biggest festival celebrated in India. It is also the biggest event sponsored by the International MBA Association! In fact, it will be one of the biggest club events events in the first year!

"Diwali Night", as we call it, is much awaited! Why you ask? Well, there is Bollywood-style dancing, singing, mouth-watering buffet of Indian food, and finally, everyone lets loose when the DJ plays some peppy Indian tracks. It is a night that showcases not only Indian culture and diversity but also the camaraderie that characterizes the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Executive Communication Workshop

IMBAA conducts a workshop led by Tricia Homer, Executive Communications Coach. This event is conducted in the spring semester and provides tips on how to improve your ability to communicate with presence and poise in various professional contexts, especially networking. This workshop focusses on gaining attention, establishing a connection and to truly exude presence. The intent behind this workshop is to help the students shake off the rust before the internship season begins and get that engine running for the coming summer.

American Football Workshop

IMBAA conducts an early fall event to introduce international students to American Football and Baseball. This event has both personal and professional objectives. Knowledge about the local sport not only increases cultural awareness among the international community but also helps the students get more talking points both in and out of school. It is a great ice-breaker and a conversation carrier in networking and professional events and helps you make deeper connections with people which go a long way. Trust us!


Our mission is to provide opportunities for Jewish engagement and create dynamic social and educational events that ignite interfaith and intercultural exchange for all MBA students at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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Gabriel Willis, President

Jonathan Howarth, VP of Finance


Sukkot Shindigr

Sukkot is a fall holiday in which Jews create a structure in their yard and eat outside. The Sukkot Shindig will introduce classmates to the traditions of Sukkot. This is a great event for classmates and families to join together, bond, and learn about Jewish culture.

Passover Dinner

Passover is one of the most interesting and meaningful traditions in the Jewish calendar. Students, faculty and the entire Smith MBA community (full-time, part-time and EMBA) will have the opportunity to learn about the Seder and the Passover Holiday while enjoying a delicious, traditional holiday dinner.

Hanukkah Send-off Social

JMBAA's annual Holiday Send-off social will be held at the very end of Term B. While celebrating and learning about the holiday of Hanukkah, students get a chance to unwind after a week of Finals and say their goodbyes before we disperse for winter break.


Our mission is to provide Latin MBA students with the tools they need to thrive in the business world environment, as fearless leaders who embrace their culture and heritage and promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in society.

Our vision is to be a platform of people that help the entire Smith community reach goals. We are beyond our association. We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion, being a club that welcome people from different communities to learn, enjoy and grow.

Our objectives are: spread our cultural heritage with the Smith MBA community, design and implement events that add value to our careers in terms of network and preparation to the professional life post-MBA and reinforce the community beyond classrooms by implementing affinity events.

Email us at or visit our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.


Juliana Cruz, President

Erick Loyo, VP of Finance

Michael Parra, VP of Marketing


International Success Day (Job Search Panel With Alumni+ Speaker)

Provide international students with a specialized session on job search strategies, recommendations, possible networking contacts and support from international Smith Alumni and a lawyer specialized in this topics.


Energetic event in which students have a unique cultural experience with Latin dance music; they learn basic steps, have a good time, enjoy great music, and dance their feet off.

Fiesta Latina

The most iconic LAMBASA event is always a great opportunity to get the community together for a night of fun, Latin American music, dance, and surprises before the semester ends.

Taste of Our Heritage

This signature event is designed to give the Smith community a taste of the different food and spirits found in different Latin American countries. This event is co-sponsored with the Assian MBA Association

Bradford Banquet

Honor the legacy of William Bradford while celebrating diversity at Smith. The event brings together faculty, students, alumni, and employers in a formal event that recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and businesses. This event is co-sponsored with the Black MBA Association




Michael Parra, President

Sophie Wilmot, Executive VP

Apoorva Talwar, VP of External Affairs

Luc Ponvert, VP of Finance

Vanessa Chang, VP of Marketing

Club email:


MCA Lunch & Learn

The first meeting of the semester. Meeting the first-year class and sharing our experiences from our summer internships, while also sharing the overall strategy of the upcoming MCA year.

Marketing Bootcamp

Marketing interview case prep before the conference season. As marketing MBAs, we need to ensure we prepare our first and second years with proper case question interviews.

Career Trek

Marketing trek to visit 3-5 companies of our choice in the NJ/NY area (and DC). This is an opportunity to connect potential employeers to the Smith Marketing community for both summer internship and full-time opportunities.

Marketing Case Competition

Sponsored case competition (with company of choice) in which students can present, strategize and put their marketing skills to the test. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

Marketing Alumni Panel

Smith marketing alum to come and share their insights and experiences post-MBA to the Smith community. Always a great turnout. Past alumni have been from Under Amour, Capital One, Verizon, M&T Bank, etc.

Marketing Alumni Panel

Management crisis case competition. Put your communications skills to use and present your recommendations to senior executives and Smith alum.


Our mission is to generate awareness of the principles of consulting, provide resources in career development, and offer skill advancement in consulting. The club has 3 main goals: coach and facilitate professional development of members, support and make aware consulting opportunities, and assist in making meaningful connections in the consulting community.

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Nicholas Gummo, President

Daksh Gumber, Executive VP

Rahul Rajeev, VP of External Affairs

Miranda Taylor, VP of Finance


Consulting Lunch and Learn Series

This event series will give students an opportunity to hear, firsthand, what types of projects consultants are working on as well as the different industry they have worked in. In this intimate setting, students will be given the opportunity to engage with alumni who have succeeded beyond Smith.


The Smith Association of Women MBAs (SAWMBA) helps grow and celebrate the careers of women in business. SAWMBA fosters professional and personal growth opportunities where we address the pressing issues facing women and their advancement in the workplace.

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Miranda Taylor, President

Neha Agrawal, Executive VP

Arielle Kleinman, VP of Finance

Amara Alam, VP of Marketing

Jingmei Wei, VP of Operations


Alumni Panel (co-sponsored with SPA)

Panelists discuss challenges and opportunities faced in the workplace.

Ladies Who Lunch

Lunch and discussion on timely topics that impact women in business.

Get Confident: Know Your Liquor

Experience and learn more about drinks traditionally considered "manly."


"The Smith Pride Alliance (SPA) is an affinity group for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ (LGBTQ+) MBA and Specialty Masters Students and their allies at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

We facilitate social, academic, and professional opportunities for members of our community and allies, while creating an inclusive environment on campus."

Email us at or visit our web or Facebook pages.


Sophie Wilmot, President

Michael Parra, Executive VP

Joelle Wisnieski, VP of Finance


Hear My Story

This is SPA's signature event and often our largest. It is a lunch event in which we host a diverse group of five to seven panelists to share stories of identity and diversity in the workplace (or other areas of life). We then break down into smaller groups to allow attendees to share their personal stories with each other and discuss broader issues of diversity.

Smith Pride Celebration at the Thursday Social

Each year, the Smith Pride Alliance hosts one of the weekly MBA socials. During our social, we join together with our allies in celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity and to promote the visibility, self-affirmation, dignity, and right to equality for LGBTQ+ people.

Casa Ruby Annual Clothing Drive

Each year, the Smith Pride Alliance holds a clothing drive to benefit Casa Ruby, the only LGBTQ bilingual and multicultural organization in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that provides social services and programs catering to the most vulnerable in the city and surrounding areas.

Other Educational and Networking Events

We continue to plan events and workshops that bring together members of the Smith community to learn about LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace, as well as to promote networking between LGBTQ+ professionals and students. Look out for our events throughout the school year!

Additional Resources

LGBT Equity Center

The LGBT Equity Center is a unit of the University of Maryland, reporting to the Chief Diversity Officer. Visit their resource center and lounge in 2218 Marie Mount Hall. They envision the University of Maryland as a fully equitable community that empowers innovators and agents of social justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. The LGBT Equity Center serves University of Maryland students, staff, faculty, and alumni of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Visit the LGBT Equity Center website

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion works to advance a culture of diversity beyond race throughout the Smith Community and provide advising, programming, coaching, and services to ensure inclusion for underrepresented minorities, women, active military and veterans, LGBTQ+, and international students, faculty, and staff, and individuals with disabilities.

Click here for Diversity and Inclusion resources for LGBTQ+ students.

Reaching Out MBA

Reaching Out MBA Inc. focuses on educating, inspiring, and connecting the student and alumni LGBTQ+ MBA and graduate communities in an ongoing effort to create the next generation of out business leaders. Through its programming and anchored by its annual conference, Reaching Out educates our community about the opportunities and challenges of being an LGBTQ+ MBA and alumni business leader, how to capitalize on those opportunities and how to overcome those challenges; inspires and enables the members of the LGBTQ+ MBA and graduate student community to be leaders in their careers and in society; and builds connections among the LGBTQ+ MBA and graduate student community.

Visit the Reaching Out MBA website

ROMBA Conference

The Reaching Out LGBTQ+ MBA and Business Graduate Conference (also known at the ROMBA Conference) is the annual conference of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) graduate business school students – the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ business students in the world.

Visit the ROMBA Conference website

For companies supporting equality, please see HRC's Corporate Equality Index.


Smith Vets is established for the expressed purpose of facilitating contact between current MBA students and potential employers, maintaining an outreach program for prospective veteran applicants, and perpetuating a network of veteran students able to assist each other throughout the MBA program. We are committed to coordinating value-added events that build close camaraderie amongst our distinguished members and the Smith MBA cohort.

Email us at or visit our web page.


Jeremey Stratton, President

Justin James, Executive VP

James Murphy, VP of Finance


Our mission to prepare students for their careers in Supply Chain and Operations by providing them with experiences to foster professional growth. We seek to develop wider and deeper networks with Professionals in the DMV area, leverage internal relationships within the Smith Community, seek to understand industry trends and dynamics, and encourage self-driven improvement through Certification study groups and case competitions.

Email us at


Brandon Byers, President

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Executive VP

Justin Sachs, VP of External Affairs

Rahul Rajeev, VP of Finance

Sarah Beckwith, VP of Marketing


Amazon Trek

Students will be able to travel to Amazon's Baltimore distribution center to see one of the world's largest and most progressed supply chain companies in action.

Pepsi Trek

An opportunity for students to visit Pepsi's distribution center and get a taste of one of the world's most efficient supply chains