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A community of learning: Fostering growth. Adding value.

To excel and achieve its aspirations, any organization must be committed to continual learning.

That commitment requires a deeply supportive organizational culture and is critical for businesses that want to grow and prosper in today's fiercely competitive international economy.

At the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, a deeply supportive organizational culture is part of our DNA.

The Smith School is a community of faculty, students, staff, alumni, supporters and corporate partners working together to foster growth and advancement. 

Combining cutting-edge scholarly research with experiential, real-world street smarts, we empower, challenge and nurture one another.

Geared for competition, we also recognize that collaboration is far more productive than trying to go it alone, win it all and take no prisoners.

The Smith School is a community of learning committed to preparing smart, savvy business leaders who can handle change, think on their feet and work collaboratively.  We do that through respect and support for everyone in the extended family that is our community of learning as we work to advance our shared aspiration of improving the organizations, constituents, markets and communities we serve.


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