Identifying High Influencers in Social Networks
Those with high levels of influence on social media networks are prime targets of marketing practitioners and researchers. But what, exactly, defines a strong influencer?
Jun 06, 2019
Rethinking Exclusivity In Luxury Markets
As luxury labels become more accessible to a wider market, high-end brands must figure out how to maintain an aura of exclusivity to avoid losing legacy consumers.
Feb 05, 2019
Getting You To Pay in a Freemium World
Firms that adopt a freemium model hope to entice people to become paying customers. They often fail. Research shows how they can succeed.
Dec 13, 2018
Another Reason To Avoid Knockoffs
Luxury brands use legal threats, guilt campaigns to deter people from buying knockoffs. New research reveals a better tactic.
Oct 11, 2018
Switching Devices Affects How You Shop
New Maryland Smith research shows that switching to a desktop or laptop while online shopping could mean you're more likely to take the plunge and make the purchase.
Oct 04, 2018
Can Robots Create Better Movie Trailers?
Maryland Smith's Michel Wedel has helped produce the first known research that develops a model for editing trailers to produce short — and effective — promo clips.
Jul 25, 2018
Decoding the Way Social Media Makes Us Shop
"It's unclear whether presence in social media and the traffic that companies get through social media are actually doing well in the storefront," the researchers explain.
Jul 25, 2018
Why It Pays to Win B2B Design Awards
A design award signals quality and boosts business-to-consumer sales. The payoffs are less obvious in business-to-business markets. But new Smith School research shows the economic value.
Jun 19, 2018
A Learning Curve for Using Online Reviews
Do online ratings and reviews actually help consumers make better decisions about doctors, hotels, schools, restaurants, movies and other purchase options? The answer may surprise you.
Apr 04, 2018
The Perks of Being a Hotel Goer
When it comes to booking a hotel, where to stay can be influenced by more than price. Two Smith School professors examine which hotel amenities are most likely to keep guest coming back.
Feb 28, 2018