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Digital Strategist Excels at OgilvyRED

Rishi Kadiwar, '05 and MBA '10

A multimillion-dollar social media campaign on two of China's most popular platforms requires careful planning and vision.

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Marketer Finds Her Niche in Germany

Elaine Oves, Undergraduate '15

Some people wait until they travel abroad before they worry about developing a global mindset. But Elaine Oves '15, a digital marketing associate with Interal in Berlin, says the process starts at home. "You don't have to travel extensively," she says.

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The One Constant in Global Business

Philip Grove, MBA '15

Visiting other countries, whether for business or leisure, can seem daunting because of the abundance of variables in a new environment. Philip Grove, MBA '15, an international sales manager, chooses to focus on the one constant variable in each trip: himself.

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Helping Firms Enter New Markets

Paul Adler, MBA ’78

Global business strategist Paul Adler, MBA ’78, can’t help asking questions when he meets somebody from another place. His cultural curiosity propels him forward.

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Global Mindset: A Power Tool

Maurice Nick, MBA and MS '16

Sameness can be reassuring. But Maurice Nick, a supply planning manager at Stanley Black & Decker, prefers the disruption of new ideas. "I grow tired of situations quickly," he says.

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Global Curiosity Shapes Career

Rocio Holub, MBA '15

A global perspective starts with a local outlook for Rocio Holub '04, a senior manager for global operations at DAI Global, LLC. She says understanding on-the-ground conditions in foreign environments has helped shape her career.

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Fluent in the Cross-Border Deal

Abhjieet Biswas, MBA '00

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions start with empathy, says investment banker Abhjieet Biswas, MBA '00. "Everything else can fall into place," he says. "But if there are barriers to understanding each other, you won't be successful."

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Relationship Building from Sea to Sea

Katie Praske, Undergraduate '01

Every transaction is international when you work at Maersk, the world's largest container ship operator. "Supply chain management gives you a really literal illustration of global business," says Katie Praske '01, who spent nearly 15 years at Maersk as a customer service and compliance manager.

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Raising Her Hand for Stretch Assignments

Evelyn Hartwick, Executive MBA '10

Development banker Evelyn Hartwick, EMBA '10, embraces ambiguity and stretch assignments as a way of life. "People who resist change don't grow," she says.

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A Global Career from Albania to Zambia

Stephen M. Feeney, Undergraduate '70

Stephen M. Feeney '70 knew his place in the world as a New York banker. "I was working for various financial entities in a narrowly defined square block bordered by 42nd Street, 59th Street, Third Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan," he says.

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