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From Student to CEO, Solving Problems

Carly Fiorina, MBA ’80

When Carly Fiorina, MBA ’80, looks back over the arc of her career, what stands out for her isn’t a single achievement or experience. That’s not what defines her. So what does stand out for her as she looks back?

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Student Profile

Studying for her MBA, Eying a Career in Impact-Driven Consulting

Lee-Ellen Myles

Lee-Ellen Myles believes businesses are ideally positioned to leverage their influence to make impactful change. It’s a belief that has been validated in her coursework at UMD and Maryland Smith, and during her 2021 summer internship with Council Fire, a consulting firm that works to help purpose-driven organizations thrive by creating lasting economic, social and environmental value.

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Student Profile

After the Marines, Finding a Passion in Marketing

Octavia Davis

Octavia Davis couldn’t picture herself going to college right after high school. She hadn’t yet decided what she wanted to do with her life, with her career. Joining the military, she thought, would give her time to decide what she wanted, while giving her a rich, worldly experience.

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Alumni Profile

Leading at Morgan Stanley, Driven To Make an Impact

Etim Edim

Etim Edim’s path to becoming CFO of Morgan Stanley's Technology, Operations and Firm Resilience divisions started with a realization – he wanted to make an impact.

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Championing Others on the Way to a Successful Career

Terrill L. Drake, EMBA ’12

At Maryland Smith, Terrill L. Drake, EMBA ’12, envisioned the next stages of his career through the pursuit of a more inclusive community. Now, he’s taking the lessons he’s learned to Harvard Business School where he will become its first chief diversity and inclusion officer.

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Faculty Profile

What Teaching Means to Zeinab Karake

Zeinab Karake

Hailing from a lineage of educators, Maryland Smith’s Zeinab Karake always believed she’d find a career in the classroom. To her, teaching isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling.

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Climbing the Ladder, Making a Difference Along the Way

Sherika Ekpo, MBA ’09

From the earliest days of her professional life, working as a business analyst for JPMorgan Chase, Sherika Ekpo, MBA ’09, was determined to keep one goal in mind: to ascend in her career, making a difference in every step.

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Cracking the Case and Succeeding in Entrepreneurship

Ryan Hogan ’13

Ryan Hogan ’13 loves a good mystery. So much so, in fact, that he has made them a career. But his success is no secret or enigma – it’s a product of years of trial and error.

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Student Profile

Finding Smith, And the Plus 1 Program

Gelila Aderaye ’21

Gelila Aderaye ’21 always knew graduate school was in her future but didn’t know exactly what her plans were – that is, until she attended Maryland Smith. Initially starting her undergraduate career at Montgomery College, Aderaye came to Smith with a penchant for accounting.

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Student Profile

How One Year Can Help Shape a Career

As a criminology and criminal justice major at the University of Maryland, Eleanna Weissman dreams of having a career in federal law enforcement. Now, she’s taking classes at Maryland Smith to achieve that goal.

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