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Partners Thrive 7,000 Miles Apart

S. Alemayehu & F. Biratu, Part-Time MBA ’12 & ’13

Seble Alemayehu, PTMBA ’12, and Felekech “Fei” Biratu, PTMBA ’13, started as high school friends. After a similar journey through life, a move around the globe and MBA degrees from the University of Maryland’s Robert H.

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Faculty Profile

From Beauty Pageant to Disaster Relief

Grace Tungtisanont, Professor, Logistics

If you could make a Venn diagram of international beauty pageant winners and business doctorates, there wouldn’t be much overlap. In fact, Niratcha “Grace” Tungtisanont at the University of Maryland’s Robert H.

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Decoding the Human Appetite for Luxury

Yajin Wang, Professor, Marketing

Demand for luxury goods exploded only recently in the 20th century, when consumers worldwide started paying for upscale items like Gucci flip-flops, Coach bags and Versace sunglasses.

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Googler Goes Off the Beaten Path

Arhaan Saksena, MS '15

What separates the top performers from everyone else? According to Googler and Maryland Smith graduate Arhaan Saksena, MS '15, it's a focus on the big picture.

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From Tennis Pro to Accounting Pro

Katya Tour, Undergraduate '17, MS '18

Deloitte tax consultant Ekaterina “Katya” Tour ’17, MS ’18, made the most of a four-year tennis scholarship at the University of Maryland.

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Student Profile

Analyst Shines at National Geographic

Yihan “Harriet” Peng , MS in Marketing Analytics

Moving to Shanghai was a big step for Yihan “Harriet” Peng ’19, who grew up in Liuzhou on the banks of the winding Liu River in Southwest China.

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Alumni Profile

Axios Co-founder on a Winning Streak

Roy Schwartz, '98 and MBA '01

Creating a profitable news business is difficult. Roy Schwartz ’98, MBA ’01, and his partners have done it twice.

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Alumni Profile

New Age Techie With Flair

LaKisha Greenwade, Part-time MBA '11

LaKisha Greenwade, PTMBA '11, known by her clients followers, and peers as Coach L, is the founder and CEO of Lucki-Fit, a platform that empowers individuals to look and feel their best in all aspects of life to become lucky in life and business.

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Alumni Profile

Driving Growth in Latin America

Dan Freiman, '94 and MBA '04

Business conditions change over time and across regions, but finance professional Dan Freiman '94, MBA '04, says one thing remains constant. "Building relationships is key, as is going in with understanding and respect," he says. "That goes a long way and is a constant process."

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Alumni Profile

Digital Strategist Excels at OgilvyRED

Rishi Kadiwar, '05 and MBA '10

A multimillion-dollar social media campaign on two of China's most popular platforms requires careful planning and vision.

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