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Seeing Failures As Stepping Stones To Success

Jitin "Miki" Ahuja ’97

Entrepreneur Jitin “Miki” Ahuja ’97, MBA ’02, calls himself a late bloomer. He grew up in Bowie near the University of Maryland and stayed in his comfort zone during his freshman year.

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Serial Entrepreneur, Driven To Help Others

Jason Cohen ’96

Entrepreneurs beat long odds when they launch a company and sell it to investors. Jason Cohen ‘96 has done it several times.

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Following a Vision, Becoming a Game-Changer

Kevin Plank ’96

Kevin Plank knows what it means to be a game-changer. He transformed the world of sports apparel when he launched Under Armour in 1996.

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From Autos to Philanthropy, Driven To Make a Difference

Robert G. Hisaoka ’79

Robert G. Hisaoka ’79 believes building a strong business begins with building a strong team through great communication and measuring performance. Over the span of his career, he’s done just that. 

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Understanding – and Supporting – Entrepreneurship

Bill Boyle ’81

Entrepreneurs can face a multitude of challenges as they take their ideas from concept to startup, and Bill Boyle ’81 understands them all.

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Climbing Corporate Ladders and Branching Out

Leigh Burnside ’92

Leigh Burnside ’92 has learned what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and succeed in the C-suite. But she’s also learned that careers aren’t just about reaching the next rung on the ladder – they’re about branching out.

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Driven To Serve, Most Recently in a ‘Digital Dunkirk’

Adam DeMarco, MBA ’21

Adam DeMarco, MBA ’21, was raised in a “family of service,” as he put it. His relatives span careers including law enforcement, nursing, medicine, and, as DeMarco himself chose, the military. “The notion of serving, serving others, and being a part of something bigger than oneself is something that I have just grown up with and have sought to inculcate,” said DeMarco.

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Raising Awareness About Disabilities in the Workplace

Alan Grantham ’05

For many people, work can be stressful. Between the deadlines, meetings, presentations and other responsibilities to be managed, the professional world can be tough to navigate. And it can be made that much harder for people who suffer from a disability.

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From Student to CEO, Solving Problems

Carly Fiorina, MBA ’80

When Carly Fiorina, MBA ’80, looks back over the arc of her career, what stands out for her isn’t a single achievement or experience. That’s not what defines her. So what does stand out for her as she looks back?

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Student Profile

Studying for her MBA, Eying a Career in Impact-Driven Consulting

Lee-Ellen Myles

Lee-Ellen Myles believes businesses are ideally positioned to leverage their influence to make impactful change. It’s a belief that has been validated in her coursework at UMD and Maryland Smith, and during her 2021 summer internship with Council Fire, a consulting firm that works to help purpose-driven organizations thrive by creating lasting economic, social and environmental value.

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