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EMBA Alum Leads Marriott Europe

Liam Brown, Executive MBA '05

When Dublin-native Liam Brown, EMBA ’05, travelled to the United States for a friend’s wedding in 1989, he intended to stay only a few days.

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Faculty Profile

Building Bridges Across Disciplines

Joseph P. Bailey, Professor, Technology

Recalling his early years in northern New Jersey, Joseph P. Bailey describes a teen wearing gold chains, a mullet haircut and plotting for a career to make a lot of money.

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Building Bridges Between U.S., Africa

Rashida Petersen, Undergraduate '03

Different environments pose different challenges, which is why international business developer Rashida Petersen ’03 says seeking information about local contexts is more important than ever.

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Faculty Profile

In Search of Social Media Intelligence

Wendy W. Moe, Professor, Marketing

Social media did not exist when Wendy W. Moe transitioned from business to academia. She first heard about sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook from her MBA students at the University of Maryland’s Robert H.

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Professor Keeps Eye on Research

Michel Wedel, Professor, Marketing

A lot can happen in 100 milliseconds. Research from Michel Wedel at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business shows that people may glance at online ads and look away in less than a blink.

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Student Profile

Military, Math, Mom and MBA

Kenyetta Barnes, Online MBA ’18

As a systems engineer, math major, nuclear reactor operator and mother of two small children, there isn’t much that Kenyetta Barnes fears. Except, she laughs, quantitative subjects, like accounting and finance, despite her strong math background.

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Student Profile

Diabetes Can’t Stop Ironman Athlete

Lauren Dahlin, PhD Student

By Shadee Nowrouzi

Completing the Ironman is hard enough as is. Now imagine taking on the challenge with Type 1 diabetes.

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Student Profile

Helping Marriott Grow Worldwide

Falisha Alie, Executive MBA ’18

Marriott International executive Falisha Alie knew she wanted to work in the hospitality industry when she started college in the 1990s. “It seemed quite glamorous,” she says. 

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Student Profile

KPMG Job Awaits Accounting Student

Christopher Rolle, MS Accounting ’18

As an accounting major during his undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida, Christopher Rolle wanted to jumpstart his career as a certified public accountant by starting graduate school immediately.

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Student Profile

Mixing Sports and Business

Jyoti Sardana, Part-time MBA ’18

When Jyoti Sardana started the part-time MBA program at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, she never anticipated she would be working alongside professional athletes before her graduation in December 2018.

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