iSmith empowers Maryland Smith students to evolve at the pace of business.

iSmith provides undergraduate students with a framework to guide personal and professional development through the enhancement of core competencies during their Smith journey. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and employer partners work collaboratively to help students identify and communicate their personal passions, skills, knowledge and purpose.

At Smith, we are committed to building a collaborative, inclusive, supportive team culture where our students learn and thrive. From their first year through their senior year, students have the opportunity to participate in a portfolio of meaningful and relevant opportunities, including case competitions, interdisciplinary honors programs, organizational leadership opportunities, global immersion trips, and consulting projects. As students engage in these learning experiences, they will begin to sharpen essential skills and core competencies needed in the business world. iSmith gives students a framework to track and build knowledge and skills that prepare them for a world where they will embody the four “i” s of iSmith: innovative, international, informed and influential.

With new programs and imaginative approaches to business curriculum, we can teach our students how to analyze problems, think creatively, and work with people who are different from them to strategically tackle new challenges in business as they arise and anticipate ones that are yet to come.

Under the frame of our four i’s, Smith students will build the following core competencies:


Communicate effectively verbally and in writing; can write/edit memos, emails and complex business documents clearly and effectively; the individual has public speaking skills and is able to express ideas to others clearly and effectively.


Identify common situations in the chosen career field that could result in ethical dilemmas; act responsibly with the interest of the larger community in mind and is able to learn from their mistakes; analyze scenarios where they must show integrity and ethical behavior and apply frameworks to develop solutions.

Quantitative and Digital Analytics

Identify and use appropriate quantitative tools and techniques; use software applications to analyze and solve problems; the individual demonstrates effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies.

Teamwork and Leadership

Foster and sustain collaborative team environments that are inclusive of ideas from members representing diverse backgrounds and viewpoints; can negotiate and manage conflict; ability to assess and regulate one's own emotions; apply leadership, interpersonal and empathetic skills to motivate, guide and develop others and achieve common goals.

Innovative Thinking

Consider and pursue unique approaches to problem-solving; creative problem solving, demonstrate originality and innovation.

Global Mindset

Tolerance of ambiguity; passion for diversity; adaptability; global business savvy; self-awareness and humility; relationship building; knowledge of business environments and growth drivers (institutional, geographic, cultural, and economic) that operate in and between countries; understand individual differences based on the value and background experiences they bring.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Apply business knowledge in new contexts to exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions and overcome problems; obtain, interpret and use knowledge, facts and data to develop critical thinking.


Identify and understand knowledge, skills and abilities to identify personal and professional self and areas for growth; demonstrate personal accountability in the workplace through integrity and honesty; exhibit professionalism through verbal and non-verbal habits and cues; understand how one's knowledge, skills and abilities to respond to changing workforce demands; navigate and explore career options; understand how functional areas interact and drive one another; can take the necessary steps to pursue opportunities and self-advocate in the workplace.

We will conduct a pilot of our iSmith program in the fall with the incoming class of 2023, with plans to track and assess student engagement through a web platform.

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