"SELF was the most rewarding high school program ever I attended, and now as a University of Maryland student, it continues to offer me countless opportunities. Beyond helping me select my business major, SELF provided me with skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and design thinking, which are applicable in any field of study. The value of SELF doesn’t end after the summer is over; my closest friends on campus are other SELF alumni, and as an executive board member of the SELF-based club on campus, Snider Leadership Development Club, I get to continue my personal growth while making an impact on campus. I cannot imagine my life without SELF, it helped me discover my passion for business, redefined what I thought I was capable of, and inspired me to come to the University of Maryland!” - Sarah Lodder, SELF Cohort 1, Smith Summer Business Programs Resident Advisor 2017, Class of 2020, Marketing and Information Systems double major

“The SELF program was very eye-opening for me. I learned many important business concepts such as how to construct a business model canvas and how to deliver the perfect speech. SELF allowed me to experience what it is like to be a part of the Smith School prior to college and left me in awe. I was inspired by the brilliant, enthusiastic, and kind faculty. They not only gave me key insight into what major I would intend to pursue but also taught me how to be the best version of myself. I can confidently say that attending this program has been one of the best decisions I have made. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity and am grateful every day for being a part of the third cohort of the Snider Enterprise and Leadership Fellows.” - Jake Maggid, SELF Cohort 3

“Before SELF I hadn't really been exposed to the world of business. Through the program, I quickly learned that succeeding in business is as much about knowing your discipline as it is about knowing yourself. After my fellow SELF students and I embodied this idea, we all quickly jumped into the case were given and found balanced roles within our respective teams. This program stirred a passion for entrepreneurship in me that is now in full force in my Sophomore year of college right now. I can't wait to see the next class of young business leaders.” - Kavon Badie, SELF Cohort 1, Class of 2020, Finance & Operations Management and Business Analytics double major

“The SELF program was one of the most challenging yet most rewarding programs I’ve ever participated in. My favorite part about SELF was being able to experience what college life is like for a UMD student. From sleeping in dorms to eating in the dining hall, I got a good feel for what it would be like to be a Terp and I learned that the large size of the university was not as intimidating as I had thought. I also really enjoyed meeting so many new and amazing people and sharing this experience with them.” Gabriela Winter, SELF Cohort 3

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