Application fee: $50

Tuition: $3500

Applications submitted after April 12, 2019, will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis should spots become available with a final deadline of June 3, 2019.

Applicants who apply after April 12, 2019, will receive notification of their admission decision 2-3 weeks from the application submission date.


Current 10th & 11th-grade students are eligible to participate in the program. Space is limited, so please make sure all application materials are submitted by the priority deadline for best consideration.

Applications Requirements

The SELF application consists of two parts:

Part One: General Information and Short Answer Essay

  1. Students will first be prompted to add the program to their cart. They should click “add” and then click “continue.”
  2. Students will enter their e-mail address. This will be the e-mail address needed to log in to your Active Network account in the future.
  3. Students will fill out the application with personal/demographic information and answer two short answer questions. The questions are:
    • Why are you interested in attending the SELF program? Describe something you would like to take away from this program. Please also include any goals you wish to achieve from this program.
    • What does leadership mean to you? Cite examples of individuals who you consider to be leaders and discuss which skills you currently utilize to be an effective leader.
    • Once completed, students will hit “continue” to enter in payment information for the non-refundable $50 application fee. Students will also be prompted to create a password for their Active Network account.

Please note: In the future, to access your account, you will need the e-mail address used in step one and the password created in step four.

Part Two: Supplemental Document

Students will be sent an e-mail from Active Network with a link to upload your high school transcript. The application will not be considered complete until your transcript is uploaded.