Undergraduate Program


I really enjoyed my experience at SEBP and the friends that I have met and the knowledge about the industry that I have obtained. The faculty and staff were knowledgeable, outstanding, and supportive of the students. I am so grateful that we had to the opportunity to meet with some of the most prominent people in the industry, and that we now have the opportunity to connect with them as well. Overall, this was a very fun, interesting, and unique experience of which I am so happy that I could be apart. - Tiffany Oliver

I really liked this program. Going into this I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was blindly pursuing engineering because that is what my Dad does and I thought that was the only way. This has opened my mind to many different possibilities in the sports industry as well as sell me on Maryland. I definitely want to apply here and it is probably my number one choice. Also, I know what to study because of this program. Most of the speakers were good and helpful and some I feel I need to pursue further. - Elijah Mitchell


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