COVID-19 Transfer Admission Updates — Spring 2020

With the COVID-19 situation rapidly changing, we want to provide prospective transfer students with information regarding current and future applications to transfer into the Smith School of Business undergraduate program. Listed below are updates to the transfer admissions process.

We will treat Pass grades that students earn this semester at the University of Maryland or another institution as meeting the required grade of C. Taking a course under the P-F grading option will have no detrimental impact on a student's admission chances.

Students should choose the grading method that is best for them during this time. Admission to the Smith School of Business is competitive; however, students should choose the grading method that fits their needs and matches their best academic interest. 

For those students working on their cumulative GPA, opting into the letter grade may be the best option in order to meet our minimum requirements. If you feel as though you are not academically prepared to opt into the letter grade, you may want to consider waiting to submit an application in a future semester.

Students should still meet the 3.000 overall GPA requirement to be considered for fall 2020 admission to Smith. However, below are some considerations to provide students with options if they will not be at 3.000 by the end of spring 2020.

We will allow students a second application in a future semester if they were denied admission to Smith for fall 2020 based on their spring 2020 application. This second application would not be reviewed until the end of the semester in which they submitted their second application if there is no significant change to their overall academic record at the time of their second application from when they submitted their first application in March 2020.

Students may cancel their application for fall 2020 admission if they make that request before the June admission review. Students may re-apply without penalty during a future semester.

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