Who should apply to Smith Connect?

  • You're in your first or second year at UMD and you've always had an interest in business. Perhaps you're considering applying to the Smith School. You're excited about Smith Connect because it will give you a taste of the world of business, including an introduction to free markets, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • You’re coming from a STEM program in Howard County, so you have great analytical skills, but don’t yet know much about their application to business. You’re excited to participate in Smith Connect in order to better prepare for the fall semester and the exciting opportunities that await you in college.
  • You just finished two years at Montgomery College, and you’ll be joining the Smith School of Business in the fall. You know that your classes will be filled with students who already have two years at Smith under their belts so you’d love the chance to participate in Smith Connect, catch up with your classmates, and learn more advanced materials.
  • You’re the first generation in your family to attend college and want to make sure you will be well prepared to apply to the business school. You’re eager to participate in Smith Connect to get a head start on learning business skills and appreciate that scholarships are available as well to make this unique opportunity more accessible to students like you.

What makes Smith Connect special?

Smith Connect is built from the ground up by faculty employing the best thinking in:

  • Understanding the core principles that support free markets, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Learning strategy and leadership for continuous self-improvement and advancement.
  • Active learning and partnering with companies to solve real-world problems.

Who We Are

The University of Maryland is a top national university for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are at the global center of government, corporate and international power and offer a community built by students and supportive faculty who thrive in an environment of experiential and co-learning.