Undergraduate Program

Internship Credit Options for Business Students

Several course options are available to students required to or interested in receiving credit for their internship experience. These courses are designed to complement supervised internships by helping students to reflect on the internship experience and connect with their academic coursework. Options for business students are outlined below.

BMGT 398a: Individual Study in Business and Management – Internship

This course, coordinated by the Office of Career Services, aims to allow students the opportunity to earn credit for their internship experience and make connections with their experience and academic coursework. BMGT 398a is offered in the fall and spring semesters with 1, 2, and 3 credit options. Students need to complete a minimum number of internship hours for each credit option (45 hours for 1 credit, 90 hours for 2 credits, 135 hours for 3 credits). The internship must take place during the semester in which the student is enrolled. BMGT 398a counts toward upper-level elective credit.

Required assignments include activities such as work logs, supervisor evaluations, a reflection paper, and a final presentation (3 credit option only). There is no scheduled class time for this course, and course activities will primarily occur through Canvas. View a sample syllabus for course information (subject to change).

Enrollment is first come, first served, but preference will be given to students who are completing internships that require credit and/or are unpaid. To register for BMGT 398a, send the following completed documents to Erin Fields Saddler at esaddler@rhsmith.umd.edu:

  • Spring 2017 Internship Information Form
  • Current Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript (can be copied from Testudo into a Word or PDF document)
  • Verification of Employment from Supervisor: The letter should confirm you are hired as an intern with that company and should include your title, a brief description of your role in that company, the dates of your internship, and whether credit is required as part of the experience. It can be a PDF submitted by the student or an e-mail message sent directly from the supervisor to esaddler@rhsmith.umd.edu. An offer letter including all this information can be submitted in lieu of a letter from your supervisor.

UNIV 099: Internship Seminar

The University Career Center offers a zero-credit course, UNIV 099, during the fall, winter, spring and summer terms. This seminar is designed to complement supervised internship experiences and is open to all majors. This course is also an option for students completing co-ops and wishing to maintain continuous enrollment. To get more information or to obtain permission to register, visit the University Career Center in 3100 Hornbake Library or visit the University Career Center website.

Summer Internship Credit Options

BMGT students seeking credit for summer internships may be eligible to register for one of several courses offered through the Smith School. To register for one of these courses, students should contact the course instructor. Courses typically offered in the summer include:

Contact Information

For general internship credit questions or BMGT 398a information, contact Erin Fields Saddler, Assistant Director for the Undergraduate Career Curriculum, in the Smith Office of Career Services. She can be reached at esaddler@rhsmith.umd.edu or in 2520 Van Munching Hall.