Hinman CEOs Program


As the nation’s first living-learning entrepreneurship program, Hinman CEOs is a groundbreaking initiative placing entrepreneurially-minded students from all technical and non-technical academic disciplines in a unique community. Students live together, learn about entrepreneurship, and can launch new ventures. The mission of Hinman CEOs is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, create a sense of community and cooperation, and develop ethical leaders. All undergraduates from the University of Maryland, College Park are invited to apply for this competitive program. Brian Hinman, University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering alumnus and successful entrepreneur, provided funding to initiate and support the Program.

LIVE with active and aspiring student entrepreneurs

Hinman CEOs students participate in a myriad of events and activities during their time in the program. Each fall begins with an orientation event that may include a ropes course and dynamic team building activities. Cookouts, socials, and the annual Technology Start-Up Boot Camp are hallmarks of the Fall. Spring brings seasonal activities anchored by the annual University of Maryland $75K Business Plan Competition. With friends and teammates living together, cross disciplinary teams develop naturally as students’ skill sets mix and match to develop the next great idea. Lectures and weekly speaker series provide wonderful networking opportunities. Students gain confidence in their abilities to take the leap to launch a company and they benefit from each others’ successes and challenges.

LEARN in a vibrant experiential environment

With all Hinman CEOs resident in South Campus Commons Two, the learning experience takes place in a variety of ways. While students will earn course credit in our entrepreneurship courses and lecture series, the learning goes beyond the classroom. They can talk one-on-one with engaging entrepreneurial leaders in our exclusive speaker series, and then brainstorm late night with fellow Hinman CEOs on their hall. Not only are students be connected with the 90-member Hinman CEOs community on-campus, they have unique access to the 300+ Hinman CEOs alumni. The net result in expanding their personal and professional network by making life-long connections to today’s leaders and tomorrow’s CEOs.

LAUNCH real companies

While the Hinman CEOs are not required to start a business, history shows that approximately 25% of students develop and launch companies as undergraduates. We encourage these students as well as support others attending top graduate schools and joining leading corporations. We work with students to secure grants and awards, and have helped raise over $300,000 for student ventures. Our on-site business coaching services, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and $50,000 seed fund provide a wonderful environment for launching new ventures.

- See more at: http://www.hinmanceos.umd.edu/#sthash.EJpzsQWw.dpuf

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