Undergraduate Program

Sophomore Global Mindset Consulting Colloquium

Global Mindset Colloquium

"[The Global Mindset Colloquium] was honestly one of the few classes I took this semester and genuinely enjoyed fully and got a lot out of."

“Great elective course for sophomores. Highly recommend to everyone, especially those students who can't fit study abroad into their schedules.”

The Global Mindset Colloquium is aimed at students who want to develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes a global mindset- or the attitudes and behaviors that help you influence and work with others who are different than you- and its importance to contemporary business. Colloquium participants then apply global mindset techniques and global business practices to address real-world business situations. 

This program is open to all majors. 

Kristin LaRiviere and Chris Olson will be directing the program, with EY professionals teaching course material. 

Curriculum- 1 semester program

BMGT298F: Global Mindset Consulting Colloquium*

*Course will require substantial out of class commitment due to consulting project

 Previous course material included:

  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Global Human Capital
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Culture and Communication
  • Determining What Makes Good Business Sense

Semester Consulting Project

At the beginning of the semester, students will be placed in teams. Each team is given a specific company and a region/country said company is considering for market expansion. Based on the information presented in class and independent research, groups are tasked with answering the question: “Should your company expand into your given market based on what you learned in class and independent research?”

Throughout the project, teams will also work with EY “mentors” to help provide insights and feedback.


  • Must be entering second year at Smith during Fall 2017 semester OR be a first semester transfer student. Some exceptions may be made for students at a junior level.
  • Have a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • All Business majors are encouraged to apply

Application Process

The Global Mindset Colloquium is an application-based course. 

The application requires:

  • Basic demographic questions
  • Brief statement answering the question: What is a global mindset, and why do you want to cultivate a global mindset?

Applications for the Fall 2018 Global Mindset Colloquium will open during January 2018. Please check back regularly for more details.

 Questions? Contact Kristin LaRiviere (klarivie@rhsmith.umd.edu).