Michela Wariebi


Michela Wariebi
Major: International Business

Class: Senior

Extra-curricular Activities:
Business Information Technology Society
Black Business Association
STARS Mentoring Program

Project Information:
Project Title: Blogging
Type of Fellow: Smith Technology Initiative
Faculty Mentor: Kimberly Udeh

Fellow's Response:
What is your research project?
I am currently working on implementing a blog for the Smith School PhD program. The PhD blog is being used as a pilot for an initiative to implement blogs in the various departments in the Smith School. Prior to my blogging project I made weekly updates to the D&IT departmental website. I have also done a small amount of research on servers for the D&IT department.

What are you learning from the project?
From my project I have learned a lot more about blogging including its widespread use. It also increased my web development skills. Working on the D&IT website allowed me to familiarize myself with FrontPage, web development software, which is used widely in the creation of web sites.

Why is UM special to me?
UM is special to me because it affords me the opportunity of having a well-rounded college experience, both inside and outside of the classroom. While at UM I have been involved in various activities including Student Global AIDS Campaign, the STARS Mentoring Program, Smith Mentor Council, the Black Student Union Big/Little Program, and various other organizations. One activity that stands out in my mind was the Tunnel of Oppression. This semester long project was to create a multi-sensory exhibit that displayed various types of oppression. The reaction that was received from attendees was overwhelming, and I don't believe I would have had this opportunity elsewhere. Opportunities such as these are what I appreciate about UM; if I hadn't been at UM I probably would never have done something like the Tunnel of Oppression.

Person you admire the most or who has been a source of inspiration?
Nikki Giovanni is a person that I truly admire because of her unabashed expression of her beliefs which were contrary to the majority. Through her poetry and prose, Giovanni inspires many, including myself to fearlessly stand for what they believe in despite any opposition. I was first introduced to Giovanni in an African-American literature course at UM, and I've been a fan ever since. I have never read anything else like her poetry and strongly believe that she is an American literary icon.

Why did you choose to attend UM?
I chose to attend UM because it is close to home and the Robert H. Smith School has a curriculum which is competitive amongst other business schools in the nation. I also chose UM because it has an increasingly diverse student population which I believed would allow me to interact with dissimilar cultures and students with varied backgrounds.

What are your career plans/aspirations?
Post graduation I plan on working in the corporate sector for approximately 2-3 years and then returning to school to attain my MBA or another form of an advanced degree. After attaining an advanced degree, I plan on pursuing various entrepreneurial ventures.

What is your favorite campus setting?
My favorite campus setting is McKeldin mall. Depending on the time of day, it can be teeming with students walking across campus, or it can be totally deserted. Whether standing in front of McKeldin on at the other end, there's a great view. This setting really epitomizes UM's campus, great architecture, and well-maintained landscapes. When the weather permits, I sit at the fountain or on the McKeldin steps and do some reading.

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