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Design and Innovation in Silicon Valley - BMGT 438G/ENES 489Q

Describe how this course covers topics related to quality management, process improvement, and system design or topics related to the management and execution of consulting projects:

Students will study the product and software development processes at a variety of software and manufacturing firms.
They will analyze how companies use the development process to improve product quality and understand the iterative design loop and evaluate various contexts in which this technique is applied.

Indicate which of the following QUEST program learning outcomes (LO 1 to LO 8) are relevant to this course:

LO 1. Apply quality management tools, improve processes, and design systems.
LO 2. Manage the new product development process and market a new product or technology working on a multidisciplinary team. 
LO 6. Communicate ideas effectively in business environments through written, visual and oral methods.
LO 8. Use business etiquette skills to network and communicate in diverse professional settings and behave in a professional and ethical manner.

Describe how students in this course will learn and perform skills related to the relevant learning outcomes (the ones you identified above).

LO 1 and LO2.  The students will read books, articles, and other sources about different product and software development processes.  The students will meet with subject matter experts at a variety of software and manufacturing firms.  The students will analyze the development process of one firm in depth and compare its development process to other similar firms.

LO 6.  The students will prepare reports and presentations that describe and analyze the development process of one firm.

LO 8.  The students will communicate with subject matter experts using email and phone calls to setup meetings and gather background information and will have information-gathering interviews and meetings with these experts and their colleagues.
Developing Business Relationships and Scoping the Consulting Project - BMGT/ENES 491:
LO 1
LO 4
LO 5
LO 6
LO 8
Several of QUEST's Learning Outcomes are relevant to this elective. LO 1 is highlighted by the Guidelines for Client Involvement assignment, as students must select and use an appropriate tool to describe the process of client involvement. The Methodological Approach Paper assignment requires use of both Problem Identification and Methodology elements of LO4. In general, work on teams in this course is related to LO 5. Both of the final deliverables for the course, the Project Scope and Project Pitch require Articulation, Enthusiasm, Clarity, and Ability to Convey Difficult Concepts (all elements of LO 6). Additionally, client emails, phone calls, and site visits require students to utilize skills in Listening, Communication, Attire, and Ethics (LO 8).