Prospective Student Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a sophomore interested in applying to QUEST. Can I apply?

Most sophomores are not eligible to apply. All applicants must have at least five semesters left at UMD in order to complete the QUEST curriculum. Therefore, the only sophomores who can apply are those who know they are staying at UMD at least one extra semester. 

I applied last year, but I was not accepted. Can I apply again?

Unfortunately, no. All QUEST applicants may only apply once, as freshmen.

I am currently in Letters and Sciences, but I am applying to Clark/Smith/CMNS. Can I apply?

You can apply. However, please select Letters and Sciences for your major and then explain your situation in the “extenuating circumstances” box on the application. As long as you will be admitted to the major by the time you take 190H, your application will be considered.

My GPA is lower than 3.0. Can I apply?

You can apply. You may explain any “extenuating circumstances” in the box provided on the application.

How do I choose a cohort?

QUEST students are required to take four courses in sequence. Review the QUEST course sequence, think about your four-year plan, and choose the cohort that best fits your schedule.

What if I am planning to study abroad or co-op?

If you are planning to study abroad or co-op, you may appeal the semester that you take either of our required 3-credit courses (390H, 438A/498A) and instead take them in the same semester or substitute an abroad course. We require that all students take our 4-credit courses with their cohort (190H, 490H). Alternatively, you can study abroad or co-op as a senior, after completing the four courses in sequence. We also offer electives such as winter study abroad and a spring break trip to Silicon Valley. 

Do I need to be a part of the Honors College or any other honors program to join QUEST? If I'm in another honors program, does that mean I cannot join QUEST?

No and no. We have many students who are in other honors programs, and we have many students who are not. QUEST is separate from all other programs. 

Will the cohort that I choose on the application affect whether or not I get admitted?

No. The committee will not review your cohort preference until after admissions decisions are made. Once we have chosen 90 students to join, we will then sort them into two cohorts of 45 based on preferences and then extend admissions offers.