Curriculum for Prospective Students

Students in Cohorts 35 and 36 will be required to take four QUEST courses in sequence with their cohort. Additionally, they will be asked to take one QUEST-only elective anytime prior to graduation. Students who complete these five courses will earn the QUEST notation on their transcript.

Required QUEST Courses

Required courses

  1. Introduction to Design and Quality (BMGT/ENES 190H): Students learn and apply design practices to create new products and services. Working in multidisciplinary teams, students use quality and process improvement methods to identify, analyze, and recommend solutions to real-world problems.
  2. Applied Quantitative Analysis (BMGT 438A/ENES 489A): In teams, students learn how to translate raw data into useful information and come to understand the complexities of managing and drawing inferences from real data, provided by a client.
  3. Designing Innovative Systems (BMGT/ENES 390H): Students work in multidisciplinary teams to develop an understanding of complex systems that incorporate elements of business and technical design and analyze how these systems evolve over time and may be shaped by technology disruptions, internal decisions, and external forces. Students apply these concepts to real-world complex systems in a team environment.
  4. QUEST Capstone Professional Practicum (BMGT/ENES 490H): Students work in multidisciplinary teams to provide recommendations to identified organizational challenges for a corporate client. Students utilize and enhance their skills from other QUEST courses in order to provide value to the client. For examples of past capstone projects, click here

Elective Courses

Cohorts 35 and 36 are required to take at least one QUEST-only elective (taught by QUEST professors, only enroll QUEST students) from the list below:

Mentoring Multidisciplinary Teams (BMGT/ENES 397): In this course, QUEST students practice essential skills for mentoring and coaching multidisciplinary teams. These include effective communications, facilitation, conflict resolution, and the ability to motivate. Students will practice these skills as mentors for student teams from BMGT/ENES 190H. In the process, they will strengthen their knowledge of design and quality techniques. Students must apply to take this course. Applications are released each spring.

Quality Web Development in Business (BMGT 408C): This class helps students understand the technical and business components of building a web system. From client-server computing to databases to HTML to JavaScript, this class will walk you through the full stack of web development to move beyond a wireframe into building a fully-functioning web system. This course is open to all students and offered in fall semesters.

Design and Innovation in Silicon Valley (BMGT 438G/ ENES 489Q): QUEST2SiliconValley students learn about design, innovation, and quality by studying the operations of Silicon Valley companies. Students learn first-hand from a number of these organizations during site visits over spring break. Students are assigned companies to research and prepare informative dossiers for their classmates before the trip. After the trip, students share takeaways from the trip as well as ideas for improving the design processes at the firms. This course is open to all students and offered in spring semesters.

Scoping Experiential Learning Projects (BMGT/ENES 491): In this course, often referred to as "Scoping," QUEST students cultivate relationships with new and current corporate partners and prepare project scopes for QUEST's intro course, BMGT/ENES 190H, and capstone course, BMGT/ENES 490H. Students communicate independently with clients and attend class visits to a variety of potential project sites. This course is open to all QUEST students who have completed BMGT/ENES 190H and offered every semester.

Study Abroad (course code changes): QUEST offers a study abroad course each winter break. The past few years, QUEST has traveled to various locations in Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Japan, as well as Spain. In 2020, QUEST will visit Spain!