Why Support QUEST?

The Value of QUEST According to Current QUEST Students

QUEST Students

"QUEST is UMD’s greatest asset. When giving 90-minute UMD campus tours to parents and high schoolers, I regularly mention 12 different academic programs and 20+ organizations. After hearing the work we do, visitors consistently label QUEST as the University’s best selling point; those in the program would and do agree. With its dynamic community of exceptional students, inspiring professors, and connected alumni, the program transforms its students into highly collaborative professionals, eager to apply the practical concepts learned in the curriculum. In addition to the technical skills and exposure to multiple industries and fields, QUEST teaches life lessons that most professionals learn far into their careers. The experiences, people, and memories gained during QUEST last far beyond the three year program, and I find myself more grateful every day to participate."

– David Rosenstein, Marketing ’20

QUEST has been the most valuable aspect of my college experience, increasing my confidence and better preparing me for a future career. The skills learned in QUEST were very valuable in my internship with a medical diagnostics company this past summer.  QUEST encourages a good work ethic and the ability to work well and communicate with others. The world depends on people from different backgrounds working together to solve problems. QUEST creates a similar environment that I believe prepares us for an effective transition to the workforce after graduation. The cohort structure of QUEST also creates a family atmosphere and the student organizations within QUEST allow us to build great relationships with fellow students and alumni."

– Olivia Wolcott, Bioengineering ’20 

Why QUEST Alumni Choose to Give to the Program

QUEST AlumniAs an alumnus, I look at the QUEST Program as the basis for my business and technical ability as well as the foundation of my professional and social network at the University of Maryland and beyond. I continue to support QUEST because I believe the program’s alumni-student-professor network is something that can become one of the strongest networks within the Smith School of Business and at the University.

– Anonymous, Business ’00

QUEST AlumniQUEST was one of the most memorable and beneficial parts of my college career. I attribute to the program most of the practical knowledge I learned during school that has helped make me successful in my career. It provided me with a community at the University of Maryland in which I met the most intelligent and accomplished people and made some great friends.

– Jenna Cohen, Finance and Operations Management ‘10

QUEST AlumniMy decision to support QUEST can be summed up in a single word: improvement. Whether it is improving a product, process, or some other aspect of life, QUEST gave me the philosophies and tool sets to enhance organizations I have had the privilege of serving. More importantly, QUEST's impact on my career has translated into opportunities to positively impact others. My hope is that this tradition of improvement will continue with each graduating cohort in every sector around the world.

– V-Khye Gideon Fan, Supply Chain Management ‘04