Undergraduate Program

Individual Gifts

Thank You!

The QUEST Honors Program relies on individual gifts to support its curriculum and special programs and events. All funds raised provide direct support for students, academic programs, and co-curricular experiences.

We would like to thank the following generous donors for giving to QUEST in 2018.

QUEST 2018 Donors
Mr. Joseph P. Bailey Mr. Adam L. Beckerman
Mr. Nicholas Brennan Mr. Matthew J. Brumberger
Mr. Nathan Elencweig Ms. Badia Faddoul
Mr. Seth J. Faulb Mrs. Laurie Fausze-Allen
Ms. Kalika Fortman Mrs. Lori Goneconto
Ms. Maureen Graney Mrs. Lynn E. Grody
Mr. Michael S. Gruber Mrs. Pi-Hui Hsiang
Ms. Elaine Hui Mr. David M. Kravitz
Ms. Audrey A. Morris Ms. Kelly A. Quinn
Mr. Robert M. Rappaport Mr. James L. Rigos
Mr. Howard S. Rosenstein Mrs. Sheryl A. Rosenstein
Ms. Vidya Sathyamoorthy Mr. Michael S. Schaffer
Mr. Kevin M. Schoonover Mr. Brett A. Schwab
Mr. Robert James Seweryniak Mr. Ehsan Shahmirzadi
Dr. Robert M. Sheehan, Jr. Mr. Aditya Sridhar
Mr. Roger Sturtevant The Brumberger-Gruber Foundation (Michael K. Braunstein, CPA)
Mrs. Ianina J. Tobelmann Mr. Matthew Tobelmann
Mr. Bryan G. Towns Mr. Leonid A. Velikovich
Ms. Tiffany C. Weston Mrs. Suzanne J. Wingate

To discuss specific gift opportunities to the QUEST program, please contact Jessica Macklin, Program Manager, at jmacklin@umd.edu or 301-405-1270.