Major Event Sponsorship

Case Competition, sponsored by IBM Watson

Why sponsor a major QUEST event?

  • Connect with over 250 of the University of Maryland’s top students in business, engineering, and science disciplines
  • Contribute to the success of a signature event of the QUEST Honors Program
  • Interact with University of Maryland students, faculty, and staff


QUEST Events

For more information or to discuss other opportunities, please contact:

Jessica Roffe
Program Manager

Benefits of Sponsorship

“It's a great mentoring experience and a way to ensure that our future coworkers, colleagues, clients, or consultants know how to work professionally in a multidisciplinary team (which let's face it, that's what there is in the "real world"). I had great mentors when I first started working; this is a chance to give back what I've learned over the years.”

– Meghan Good

QUEST Students
Quest Event

“QUEST is an excellent program that benefits both companies as well as students. I would recommend that any potential sponsors participate.”

– Kurt McIntyre

“QUEST students are clearly engaged and better prepared than other student groups I have worked with. I think QUEST does a good job preparing the students for the tasks they are going to face. They present themselves as professionals instead of students which lends to the credibility of the program.”

– Christopher Sanford
GE Middle River Aircraft

QUEST Students

“I am very impressed with the QUEST program and community. The caliber and capabilities of the students was higher than we expected. Challenge them and learn from them. Treat them as partners and not just as students.”

– Jon Burns
Bakery Express