About QUEST Capstone Projects

In the spring of junior year or fall of senior year, QUEST student teams complete capstone projects using the problem-solving skills they’ve learned throughout the program. Project champions from corporate sponsors work with teams during the 13 weeks of the semester and receive innovative recommendations to an identified organizational challenge. Student teams understand the opportunity, research the industry and relevant technologies, develop and evaluate possible solutions, and make final recommendations. Projects and sponsors receive recognition at the QUEST Conference which takes place at the end of each semester. Student teams also give a final presentation and report on-site to their champions and other project stakeholders.

Capstone Project Examples

Spring 2020 Projects

What Clients Are Saying

“It’s so powerful to have the students come in as an outside party and ask, ‘Why are you doing it this way?’ It really makes us stop and think if our process is really what’s right for the customer. We need that perspective to make sure we stay on the right task and not just any task.”  — Andrew Hong, Lean Leader, Middle River Aerostructure Systems

"Partnering with QUEST brings a multi-disciplinary team who can observe our processes with a fresh set of eyes, bring impactful recommendations to the table, and back their solutions with a data-driven methodology."  — Joseph Dadzie, Process Engineer II, Sealed Air Corporation

“Everyone who has been in contact with the QUEST students has been impressed with the level of professionalism and talent displayed. Our recruiters for summer internships have even asked specifically for more QUEST candidates moving forward. People are noticing.” — Jeff Gamerman, Quality Engineer, Oceaneering

"If you can come up with a small opening, there's a QUEST team that can overdeliver to what your expectations are."  — Nick Gregorio, Manufacturing Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

“The teams engage with such enthusiasm that our employees and managers look forward to working with them. Each student has passion, thinks outside of the box, and offers real solutions to drive to an ideal state." — Jason Brady, Director of Supply Chain, Northrop Grumman

“The students' unique perspectives coupled with a strong foundation of business acumen led to innovative approaches in tackling the opportunities at hand. I was constantly amazed by how they worked as a team to overcome adversity and collaboratively deliver feasible and impactful solutions." — Benjamin Rank, Director of Sales Strategy and Operations, HelloFresh US

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