About QUEST Capstone Consulting Projects

Capstone Consulting Project sponsored by Tulkoff Foods

Each semester, QUEST student teams complete capstone projects sponsored by corporate clients. Champions from corporate sponsors work with teams during the 13 weeks of the semester and receive innovative recommendations to an identified organizational challenge.

Student teams are coached in a weekly class and by their faculty advisors who serve as process experts. Projects and sponsors receive recognition at the QUEST Conference which takes place at the end of each semester. Student teams give a final presentation and report on-site to their champions and other project stakeholders.

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Why sponsor a QUEST Capstone Project?

  • Receive 13 weeks of interaction with a multidisciplinary student team that provides 600 hours of consulting services
  • Receive innovative, unbiased recommendations to an organizational challenge
  • Access talented University of Maryland students in engineering, business, and science disciplines
  • Identify potential candidates for hire and publicize your organization to QUEST students and alumni

Examples of Spring 2019 Project Topics

  • Improving NPS Scores
  • Reducing System-Level Defects
  • Injury Risk Reduction in Plant Operations
  • Improving Kitting and Packaging Methods
  • Rethinking UMD's Alternative Transportation Program

Outcomes of Project Sponsorship

“It has been invaluable having some fresh eyes look at our processes, interview employees, and get a real feel for company culture. Working with QUEST has helped validate some of our processes already in place and has helped us confirm the need to make changes to others.”

- Jeff Gamerman
Oceaneering International

“The team was able to work with my production scheduler and give him insight as to the opportunities of less changeovers and longer runs. This revised mindset has enabled the production scheduler to improve efficiencies and throughput on the line.”

- Brent Guyton
Tulkoff Food Products

QUEST Capstone Project

“The advantage of working with sharp young minds to attempt to solve a real world problem is simply unmatched.”

- Chi Srinath
Bowles Fluidics

“The work completed by the QUEST team was immediately leveraged as the groundwork for a larger cross-business project. They saved our technical experts hours of time and used methods beyond what we would have done."

- Regina Clay

“The teams engage with such enthusiasm that our employees and managers look forward to working with them. Each student has passion, thinks outside of the box, and offers real solutions to drive to an ideal state."

- Jason Brady
Northrop Grumman

“The students took a very difficult task and mapped the process. This clearly shows just how complicated our systems are and directions we need to move in to improve.”

- Christopher Sanford,
GE Middle River Aircraft

 QUEST Capstone Project