Partner with QUEST

QUEST welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations interested in contributing to student learning and gaining access to talented undergraduate students in business, engineering, and science. Our corporate partners provide experiential learning opportunities for QUEST students through project sponsorship in both our capstone course and our data analysis course. Corporate partners are also invited to our annual networking event and receive QUEST resume books every semester. 

Types of Projects

Capstone Projects, $10,000

Multidisciplinary teams of juniors or seniors work with stakeholders and project champions to enhance efficiency and generate revenue by:

  • Providing approximately 600 hours of consulting services.
  • Engaging in multiple site visits and data collection and analysis.
  • Developing actionable and innovative recommendations to an identified organizational challenge.


Data Analysis Projects, $5,000

Multidisciplinary teams of sophomores develop meaningful insights from real-world data by:

  • Providing approximately 400 hours of consulting services.
  • Evaluating data to ensure data quality through proper ingestion and synthesis.
  • Using models, classification, clustering, and prediction.



ONGOING: Corporate partners set up an initial project brainstorming meeting (in person or via phone/teleconference) with QUEST staff and scoping students

0–2 MONTHS OUT: Partners work with QUEST staff to finalize the project scope and parameters and prepare data

SEMESTER BEGINS: Partners attend a kickoff meeting on campus (or remotely) with student teams

THROUGHOUT SEMESTER: Partners meet regularly with student teams and coordinate site visits and stakeholder interviews

END OF SEMESTER: Partners attend the final project presentation on campus and student teams present on-site as well

AFTER SEMESTER: Partners complete a post-project call with QUEST staff and post-project survey 6 months later


• ~5 hours of prep before the semester
(project scoping and information gathering)

• ~1-2 hours per week during the semester
(meetings with students and supporting student data gathering)

Who are our clients?

Since 1992, QUEST has worked with almost 100 clients worldwide ranging from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial start-ups and well-respected not-for-profit organizations. Current clients:


See the full list of past clients.

Contact QUEST Assistant Director, Jessica Roffe, at 301-405-1270 to inquire about partnering with QUEST.