Fellows Programs Policies

Participating in Smith fellows programs is an honor as it provides a special opportunity to participate in dedicated courses, site visits, and case competitions as well as network with special guests from the world of business and alumni. The following policies are established in order to extend these special opportunities to all Smith students and to enhance the learning communities created within each program.

General Restriction for All Fellows Programs: There is no deferred admission to Smith fellows programs. Students must begin in the first semester of the program sequence or their acceptance to the program will be canceled. Students accepted to programs with pre-requisite course requirements must complete the requirement(s) before the program starts, or acceptance will be canceled.

Participation: Students may participate in more than one fellows program per year on a space-available basis (business honors and QUEST do not count toward this limit.) Students are expected to take the required fellows courses AND complete expected co-curricular program requirements. Students who fail to complete their fellows program may not be admitted to another fellows program in a subsequent academic year.

Enrolling in Fellows Classes: Most fellows programs have certain courses or sections dedicated to students in the particular fellows program. Accommodations and exceptions in registration cannot be made in fellows programs for dedicated courses. Because each new fellows cohort will enroll in the classes set aside for that program year, students from earlier cohorts cannot put off their course enrollments in hopes of joining a subsequent class. Courses and students will be coded to facilitate registration. Students not accepted to fellows may not enroll in these dedicated sections.

Attending Fellows Events & Activities: The majority of fellows events and activities are restricted to students enrolled in the specific fellows program. Should space allow, these events may be open to the general student body. 

Penalty for No Show: Fellows are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner. Students who RSVP to attend an event but do not attend (i.e., an etiquette dinner, field trip/site visit), may incur a charge to their student account.