Fellows Programs FAQ

When are fellows applications open?

Fellows applications typically open over winter break and are due early in the spring semester for admission to the program for the following academic year, starting that fall semester. This is the only time of year we accept students into fellows. We do allow transfer students to apply to some fellows programs (based on space availability) later in the spring/summer after they have been admitted to Smith.

I am interested in more than one fellows program. To how many may I apply?

You may apply to as many fellows programs as you want (applications for each program are evaluated separately and have no bearing on one another), but you may only accept your admission to one program per year unless there is space available in another program and you are given special permission to do both (Business Honors, Accounting Teaching Scholars, and QUEST do not count toward this limit).

How many fellows programs may I do in one year?

You may participate in up to two fellows programs in one year if space is available in your second choice program. (Business Honors, Accounting Teaching Scholars, and QUEST do not count toward this limit). 

I want to study abroad. How would this affect my participation in my fellows program?

Ideally, you shouldn’t study abroad for a whole semester during your fellows program as you may not be able to complete the program due to graduation requirements and when fellows courses are offered, and you will miss out on some co-curricular events.

However, while is not possible to study abroad in the fall semester and participate in fellows (the fall semester fellows course is pre-requisite to spring fellows course), we generally allow students who study abroad in the spring to complete their fellows program coursework the following spring.

We do not allow students to study abroad for a semester (short-term is fine) and participate in Accounting Teaching Scholars, the Lemma Senbet Fund, Global Consulting Fellows, Junior Wall Street Fellows, and Social Innovation Fellows.

If I am in the process of applying to the Smith School, may I apply for fellows at the same time?

You may apply to the fellows programs before you are admitted to Smith, but your admission to fellows would be contingent upon your admission to the Smith School at College Park. Due to scheduling/major restrictions, we are typically unable to offer fellows admissions to Smith students at Shady Grove. (See Fellows programs offered at Shady Grove.)

What should I include in my cover letter for fellows, and should I follow the standard cover letter format?

You should follow the standard cover letter format (address it to the faculty champion of the program to which you are applying). Introduce yourself and explain what interests you about this fellows program as well as how you see it meeting your academic and career goals. What can you contribute to the program?

I need a resume to apply to fellows; however, I am only a freshman, and I don’t have much on my resume yet. What should I include on my resume?

If you haven’t yet had working experience, you are welcome to list your activities, volunteer and other work in high school, and extra-curricular and other programs you are involved in at Maryland, so the selection committee can see the range of your interests and accomplishments. You should get in the habit of updating your professional resume. It should be a constant work in progress.