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Accounting Teaching Scholars

Accounting Teaching Scholars
Accounting Teaching Scholars

The Accounting Teaching Scholars program provides undergraduate accounting students the opportunity to serve as discussion leaders and teaching assistants for the beginning accounting courses, BMGT 220 and 221. It is an opportunity for qualified accounting majors to enhance their undergraduate experience by reviewing financial/managerial accounting material in preparation for the CPA exam, practicing organizational and delivery skills, and receiving monetary compensation without leaving campus. A one-credit mentoring course is offered to prepare students for their roles as teaching assistants.

Dr. Progyan Basu and Dr. Gary Bulmash are the Faculty Champions for this program.


  • Teach two 50-minute discussion sections of the same course on Friday each semester.
  • Maintain five hours of office hours per week.
  • Grade quizzes for discussion sections (quizzes provided by faculty)
  • Proctor 5-6 exams per semester.
  • Prepare for weekly class (assignments provided by faculty).
  • Enroll in BMGT398C Undergraduate Teaching Scholars Training for 1cr in Fall semester.


  • Pay rate is $10 per hour for 15 hours per week for 15 weeks of the semester for a total of $2,250 per semester.
  • One credit course in teaching methods ( will require completion of assignments provided by faculty) .
  • Position is for one semester (fall) with the option to renew for additional semesters.

Application Eligibility

  • Must be a declared accounting major.
  • BMGT 310, 311, and 321 must be completed by end of semester of application.
  • Minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA with a "B" or better in BMGT 310, 311, or 321.
  • Public Speaking course (COMM 100, 107 or 200) must be completed by end of semester of application.


Applications for Accouting Teaching Scholars for 2017-2018 were due February 13, 2017. Should space become available, we will re-open applications April 24, 2017.

  • Online application form.
  • Cover letter – Explains why you want to be a part of this program, what you can bring to the program, and what you hope to gain from participating. Address your cover letter to the faculty champion for this Fellows program.
  • Resume.
  • Note: Cover letter and resume must be submitted in pdf format.

Questions? Read our Fellows FAQs.

Emily Heavin (edoane@rhsmith.umd.edu) is the Director of Smith Fellows programs.