Fellows & Special Programs

Fellows program applications for coursework beginning fall 2019 will be open from Nov. 26 through midnight, Feb. 18. The deadline for Accounting Teaching Scholars and the Lemma Senbet Fund is Feb. 15. Go to program page for application link.

As a Smith School undergrad, a world of opportunities is open to you!  When you come to Smith, it’s a given that you’ll receive a top-notch classroom education. But it’s your experiential, reality-based learning that shapes your individual experience. And if we don’t have an option that suits you (though that’s doubtful), we welcome you to create one!

Fellows Programs

Students in one of the Smith School’s many one-year fellows programs join a cohort of like-minded peers to engage in an intense study of a specific area of business, ranging from major-specific topics such as finance and supply chain to general interests such as sports management or global consulting.

Out-of-the-classroom and reality-based learning experiences are at the forefront of the fellows programs. Whether through special speakers, workshops, site visits, case competitions, or networking events with corporate partners and Smith alumni, students gain practical insights into the business community. 

Small class sizes in reserved fellows sections of business courses are a hallmark of all fellows programs, facilitating strong working relationships among fellows students and the faculty who advise and teach in the programs. Students engage, explore, and experience the Smith community through fellows!

Accounting Teaching Scholars

The Accounting Teaching Scholars program trains undergraduate accounting students to serve as paid discussion leaders and teaching assistants for the beginning accounting courses, BMGT 220 and 221. Accounting Teaching Scholars will enhance their undergraduate experience by reviewing financial/managerial accounting material to prepare for the CPA exam while practicing their organizational and delivery skills.

Banking and Private Wealth Management

The Banking and Private Wealth Management program (formerly Financial Services) explores the financial services industry, including banking and other financial institutions. Students will gain knowledge and skills in areas such as making loans, managing liquidity reserves, making investments for income, and identifying funding sources.

Emerging CFOs

The Emerging CFOs Fellows program provides an in-depth analysis of corporate finance and investment banking. Emerging CFOs fellows will develop enhanced leadership and communication skills as they learn to solve financial problems.

Global Consulting Fellows

The Global Consulting Fellows program focuses on developing global awareness and an appreciation for the world’s business cultures, with an emphasis on enhancing world-wide economic development. Students will build cultural competencies and learn consulting skills needed to work in the global arena, whether for U.S. firms or for organizations abroad.

Information Technology and Business Transformation Fellows

The Technology and Business Transformation Fellows program aims to identify and train students who are passionate about leveraging the latest technologies for innovation in business as well as social transformation. Technology and Business Transformation fellows will collaborate with faculty on state-of-the-art industry and research projects as the Fellows learn to make decisions about when and how to use technology to benefit an organization.

Lemma Senbet Fund

The Senbet Fund provides students the opportunity to put their business knowledge and skills to the test by making real investment decisions with real money. Senbet Fund fellows will explore financial topics such as portfolio management theory and practice, security screening and selection, economic and industry analysis, corporate qualitative and financial analysis, valuation analysis, and trading strategies. Additionally, students will learn from reviewing the results of the investment decisions they make, determining which strategies to replicate and which strategies to avoid in the future.

Quantitative Finance Fellows

The Quantitative Finance Fellows program exposes students to the software, hardware, and quantitative tools used in the financial services industry. Students will develop advanced statistical and modeling skills used to analyze portfolios of stocks and bonds, a critical component of asset management.

Social Innovation Fellows

The Social Innovation Fellows program teaches students how to expand their business education to include economic prosperity and social impact. Social Innovation fellows will discover a new realm of forward-thinking businesses and cutting-edge tools where they can leverage their unique passions and skills in creative and entrepreneurial ways that create change in the world.

Sophomore Finance Fellows

The Sophomore Finance Fellows program gives undergraduates a chance to explore careers on Wall Street. Sophomore Finance fellows will learn how to compete for positions in finance areas such as investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, sales and trading, asset management and private banking.

Strategic Design and Innovation Fellows

The Strategic Design and Innovation Fellows program bridges the gap between marketing research and theory and the realization of well-designed applications. Design fellows will master the creative problem-solving and innovative-thinking skills and experiences along with marketing strategy and design techniques they need to be competitive in the job market.

Supply Chain Management Fellows

The Supply Chain Management Fellows program provides students the opportunity for learning about the supply chain industry within the Smith School and with external supply chain professionals. Supply Chain fellows will visit regional facilities and operations, learn about international or North American processes, and network at local and annual meetings of leading industry professional organizations.

Wall Street Fellows

The Wall Street Finance Fellows program educates second-semester sophomores and first-semester juniors who are interested in Wall Street careers how to compete for positions in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, sales and trading, asset management, and private banking. Wall Street fellows will receive individual coaching to prepare them to compete for a summer investment banking internship which will set them up to secure a full-time position in the investment banking industry when they graduate.

Fellows at Shady Grove

Special Programs

Business Honors

The Business Honors program allows students with superior academic achievements to take their upper-level business core courses in small, seminar-style honors sections and to participate in special co-curricular activities. Business Honors students engage in an in-depth exploration of business topics and will further develop their critical thinking and leadership skills.

College Park Scholars (CPS) - Business, Society and the Economy (BSE)

Business, Society and the Economy (BSE) is one of 11 specialized programs offered by College Park Scholars, a by-invitation-only living-learning program for engaged and academically talented freshmen and sophomores.  BSE explores the worlds of business and economics — especially their impact on society—by learning business and economic fundamentals, visiting corporate leaders and their business both in Washington, D.C., area and abroad, simulating real-life business models, and engaging in team projects and simulations. The program is sponsored by the Robert H. Smith School of Business and welcomes students from all university disciplines.

Innovo Scholars Consulting

The Innovo program is framed by the FEARLESS consulting model, which teaches students how to solve complex problems and manage the dynamics of client-focused engagements. Throughout the program, students receive professional coaching from practicing talent managers and management consultants, with an emphasis on developing skills required to succeed in professional careers.

Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST)

Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) is a multidisciplinary, reality-centered program for University of Maryland undergraduates from three participating schools — Robert H. Smith School of Business, A. James Clark School of Engineering, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Students participate in a challenging course of study that focuses on innovation, quality systems management and teamwork, and co-curricular programming aimed at bringing diverse knowledge, skill, and perspective to enhance their professional and personal development.

Smith Start

The Smith Start program, required for all incoming first-year Smith students, focuses on developing students' fundamental knowledge and social skills necessary for a successful career at Smith and beyond. Students will learn about the various business sectors, as well as business ethics and professionalism in a dynamic, cohort-based experience.