A Faculty That Outranks Almost All Others

Faculty is at the heart of any undergraduate business program. At the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, students have the opportunity to learn and collaborate with highly respected, innovative teachers and established thought leaders. For more than 10 years, the Financial Times has consistently ranked Smith among the nation’s best in intellectual capital, a testament to our faculty’s thought leadership in the business world. This means you’ll learn and collaborate with the very thinkers who are changing the way the world does business, one research study at a time.

Smith faculty develop the management techniques that influence and shape global business practice and public policy. Many consult with the world’s leading corporations and have significant international expertise. They bring that experience into the classroom and put proven concepts into real-world context.

Smith faculty take a hands-on approach to teaching and the professional growth of their students. That commitment is pervasive throughout the school. When not in front of the classroom, you’ll find Smith instructors working by your side, facilitating teams, serving as mentors, and leading study trips abroad.

At Smith, thought leadership, world-class teaching and an integrative curriculum provide an undergraduate experience few business schools can match.

Visit the Smith faculty page for a comprehensive listing of all our faculty members

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