Smith Minors FAQs

Course Requirements

As a UMD transfer student, are my grades and credits from previous institutions considered for minor program admission?

Yes. Grades from transferable coursework to the University of Maryland will be considered in the application review process. The minor admission committee will obtain applicant transcripts through the UMD Registrar’s Office.  

Can I take any of the required Smith minor courses with the pass/fail or audit grading method?

No. All Smith minor program courses should be taken using the regular grading method.

Do I have to take all minor courses at the University of Maryland, College Park?

Yes. Students must earn all the minor’s program of study and experiential courses from the UMD campus. There will be no exceptions allowed for transfer courses to meet these requirements.

Can I take any required Smith minor courses at another college or university?

There is an allowance for transfer coursework of the foundation courses. A maximum of 6 credits will be allowed to transfer.

Foundation Courses Approved Alternative Smith Courses
BMGT 210 Accounting BMGT 220 & 221 Principles of Accounting I & II
BMGT 345 Finance BMGT 340 Business Finance
BMGT 355 Marketing BMGT 350 Marketing Principles and Organization
BMGT395 Management BMGT 364 Managing People and Organizations

Please refer to the UMD Transfer Credit Services database. If courses from your previous institution transfer to the University of Maryland College Park, and if they are equivalent to approved alternative courses then you will be waved from the foundation course(s).

General Questions

Can students admitted to the Smith minor transfer to the Robert H. Smith School of Business major program?

The Smith Business minor programs are not considered preparation for transfer into the Robert H. Smith School of Business major program. Students seeking to transfer into the Smith School major must apply via the official transfer process found on the Smith undergraduate site.

Can I take Smith minor courses without being enrolled in the minor?

No. Smith minor courses are restricted to fully admitted minor program students. 

As a minor student, can I take any Smith School course offering?

Smith minor students are restricted to taking the courses within the Smith minor curriculum.

Will I have access to the Smith career services and other related services as a Smith minor student?

No. Smith's career center services and associated career fairs are a dedicated resource for Smith major students.

Who can I talk with to assess my chances of admission to the Smith minors?

Enrollment for the general business minor and the innovation & entrepreneurship are each capped at 180 students. Enrollment for the business analytics minor is capped at 40 students. If you have questions about admissions, please email us at In addition, we recommend that you attend the information sessions offered prior to the application deadline. Please check the Smith minors website for dates and times.

Will I be admitted if I complete all the admission criteria and have at least a 2.0 overall grade point average?

Admission to Smith minors is a competitive holistic process for a limited number of spaces. Therefore a 2.0 overall grade point average does not guarantee admission to the minor programs.

How do I register for required business minor courses after I’m admitted?

Admitted students will be notified with enrollment instructions. Expect to enroll for coursework during the early registration period each semester.

What is the admissions timeline for business minors?

Applications are accepted until the set deadline in February of each spring. Students will be notified of admission decisions before spring early registration for fall classes.

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