Message from the Dean

Dear Smith Community,

Victor MullinsThe world of business is always changing; it becomes more interconnected and competitive every day. It’s our job to prepare you to go out into that world able to thrive with the tools and skills necessary for not just short-term success, but long-term advancement and satisfaction.

We take that job incredibly seriously. You will never experience another time in your lives where so many people are dedicated to your success. We’re committed to helping you on your journey to become innovators, problem-solvers, and leaders during your time here at Smith - and that journey starts with these core values:

A Smith student is…


As a Smith student, you’ll be prepared to tackle problems from new angles and break new ground with your ideas. You’ll think critically and develop creative solutions to modern, real-world problems, developing an innovative mindset that will allow you to thrive in an ever-changing world.


Influential people are leaders in the truest sense of the word; they uplift and connect with others around them, and people naturally look to them as a result. They know communication is key - whether that’s networking, making a pitch, or working with (and listening to) your team to overcome an obstacle.


Being informed is about more than retaining what you learn in the classroom; it’s about pursuing new experiences and building yourself up. Through this, you’ll cultivate a broader perspective that will inform your decisions, allow you to recognize the opportunities you are presented with, and smooth your ability to frame the issues you encounter moving forward into your future.


As the global workplace becomes increasingly interconnected, you’ll engage with people from all cultures, places, and beliefs. This diversity of background leads to a diversity of thought - of ideas and solutions, the lifeblood of any business. It’s our goal for you to embrace that diversity and cultivate the global mindset you’ll need in the global business environment.

It’s the goal of the Smith school to help you cultivate these qualities during your time here. You’ll have opportunities to travel, take part in case competitions, work with companies and engage in consulting projects, as well as other meaningful and relevant opportunities outside of the classroom.

This expansion of the curriculum is not just to help you become better equipped for the world of business. Smith is invested in its students as people; we want to see you nurture your talents, whatever they may be. We want you to find your passion - your bliss - and follow it, to dig into all the experiences and opportunities that Smith and College Park have to offer. You’re Smith students; none of you are exempt from becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Opportunities don’t mean anything if you don’t take them. It’s up to you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow from it. It’s your journey - we’re behind you every step of the way, but you still have to take those steps.

You owe it to yourself; hit the ground running. Let’s get to work!


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Victor C. Mullins, PhD
Associate Dean

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