PhD Program at Smith

Job Market Candidates

Name Program Job Market Paper Advisor
 Donald Bowen  Finance Patent Acquisition, Investment, and Contracting Michael Faulkender 
Wen Chen Finance Position Limits on Strategic Speculators in Commodity Futures Albert "Pete" Kyle
 Xiaoyuan Hu  Finance Does Executive Compensation Depend on Product Market Structure? Evidence From Shocks to Firm Risk Vojislav Maksimovic 
 John Patrick Paraskevas  Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Experience in the C-Suite: A Study of Supply Chain Responsiveness  Curt Grimm and Thomas Corsi
Mustafa Sahin Operations Management/Management Science Revenue Management Problems in Online Advertising Auctions S. Raghu Raghavan
 Elijah Xun Ming Wee  Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management Jolted in Dominance or Generosity? How and Why Jolts Affect Individuals' Status-Striving and the Consequences for Status Conferral  Hui Liao
Yue Zheng Accounting & Information Assurance Strategic Shareholders and IPO Disclosure: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital Rebecca Hann