Supply Chain Management

Focuses on empirical methodologies in supply chain management research, including archival data analysis, simulation, experimental design, and survey analysis. The supply chain management area of specialization operates under the Department of Logistics, Business and Public Policy.

SCM Faculty Coordinator: Thomas Corsi

Smith SCM Faculty

Smith PhD SCM Alumni last 10 years

Alan Pritchard Texas Tech University
Xiaodan Pan Concordia University
Camil Martinez Center for Latin American Logistics, MIT Scale
John Patrick Paraskevas Miami University of Ohio
Kevin Sweeney Sam Houston State University
Omar Elwakil RAND Corporation
Isaac Elking University of Houston
Anupam Kumar Howard University
Adams Steven University of Maryland
Rodrigo Britto Andes University
Woohyun Cho University of New Orleans
Jian-Yu Ke California State University, Dominguez Hills
Koray Ozpolat University of Rhode Island
Xiang Wan Ohio State University

Top Field Journals

Transportation Journal

Transportation Research

Journal of Business Logistics

Strategic Management Journal

Management Science

Academy of Management Journal

Operations Research

Transportation Science

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