Supply Chain Management

The doctoral program in Supply Chain Management is designed to produce outstanding scholars in the fields of logistics and transportation. Graduates of the program are well qualified to take academic positions in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

Students in the PhD Program achieve excellence through: (1) extensive preparation in the major, a related minor, and associated research tools (primarily statistics or operations research); (2) joint research with faculty; (3) independent research culminating in a doctoral dissertation; and (4) the teaching of courses for undergraduate majors in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management.

Program Requirements

For program requirements please view the department's website.

For academic issues, contact:

Dr. Curt Grimm
Professor and Charles A. Taff Chair of Economics & Strategy
Phone: 301-405-2235

For admission issues, application status, or other questions, please Email or call 301-405-2214.